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Maybe you didn't know these from the Frenchic Paint® series!

We have compiled here the most common issues and questions that we are often asked about the Frenchic series in messages sent by our customers, by e-mail or by phone.

Is Frenchic Paint® French paint?

Is not. Frenchic Paint® was founded in England in 2014 and was born out of a passion to develop the best possible, non-toxic and safe paint series for all kinds of home painting with a wonderful matte surface. Frenchic Paint® paints are also manufactured in England.

Now, Frenchic Paint® has become a global source of inspiration for eco-friendly recycled interior design. We are proud to be the fastest growing chalk paint brand and the growth in popularity seems to continue. In Finland, we are now the most popular and definitely the most interesting chalk paint brand.

Recycling decoration, different manual skills and DIY have become popular and normal.

You don't always have to buy a new one, it's worth renovating the old one.

Frenchic Paint® has already become a phenomenon, it has taken the world of Home Furnishings by storm!

We are loved by both interior designers and skilled home decorators. Read more information about us here .

The Frenchic Paint® series is now sold internationally all over the world.

What makes the Frenchic series so popular?

Versatility. Safety.

Our customers are delighted with the range's versatility, safety and quality. The Frenchic series also has products that you won't find in other series, such as Finishing Coat, FrenSheen, and of course our unique, award-winning paints. All the paints, waxes and coatings of the Frenchic series have been tested and have been awarded the European 'Toy Safe' certification, which means that it is safe to paint even children's toys with the paints.

Practical. Prize.

Because Frenchic paints are durable, splash-proof and washable, their applications are versatile on home surfaces.

Our paints are suitable for wood, metal, plastic and ceramic tile.

Our Chalk Wall Paint range has won the best washable paint award - as well as the best washable chalk paint award.

Frenchic wall paints have been awarded ISO11998 class 1 wet rub classification.


Our customers are often surprised by the amount of paint we use - even a small can of paint goes a surprisingly long way! The versatility and new features save working time, shorten drying times, reduce the number of layers and different products needed. Our customers also save money and time when using the Frenchic series.

Quality. Final result .

These features are also appreciated by painting professionals and designers who want to offer their customers environmentally conscious choices, safe and non-toxic alternatives.

Non-toxic and odorless.

Non-toxicity and odorlessness are also praised properties of Frenchic paints. All Frenchic paints, waxes and coatings are solvent-free, and therefore low-scented and even fragrance-free. Many of our customers who are sensitive to chemicals have said that they can only use Frenchic paints. If you are sensitive to perfumes or otherwise doubt whether our paints are right for you, read these painting instructions . We openly state all the ingredients of the paints on the side of each paint can, and we do not add plastic, VOC substances or other 'secret ingredients' to the paints.

Is the Frenchic black shade really black?

Yes indeed! The super popular Blackjack and Loof are our customers' trusted colors for interior painting, precisely because of its wonderful matte black color.

Why do Frenchic texts use the red heart symbol so much?

Ah, you've noticed! Of course, it looks good in our opinion, but it is also part of the Frenchic series logo - you can recognize the series by the red heart.

The red, hand-painted heart is an official, registered trademark for the Frenchic range only.

Frenchic heart logo.

Why can't the Frenchic series be bought in a supermarket?

All dealers of the Frenchic Paint® range are small businesses.

One of the values ​​of the brand is to support small businesses and keep local brick-and-mortar stores vibrant. We are happy to refer our customers to a local Frenchic dealer to view painted furniture, color models and participate in painting classes.

Skilled Frenchic dealers will be happy to advise. By using your local or nearest Frenchic dealer, you support local entrepreneurship, just like us in the Frenchic team. Of course, it's okay to order the Frenchic series from the online store as well, if you don't yet have your own Frenchic dealer near you.

When you buy products from the Frenchic series, you support domestic work and entrepreneurship at the same time. Frenchic distributors are Finnish small entrepreneurs, and the importer is a Tampere-based family business, Frenchic Finland. For our part, we want to support domestic entrepreneurship and keep small brick-and-mortar businesses enlivening the centers of cities and villages.

What values ​​does your company have?

The domestic family company Frenchic Paint Finland acts as the importer of the Frenchic series. Our values ​​are firmly on the side of small business and sustainable development.

We are part of the Suomalainen Työ union and we want to support small entrepreneurs like our dealers and encourage and direct our customers to shop at small brick-and-mortar stores, such as Frenchic dealers.

We take recycling seriously and strive to recycle and use as many products as possible in the company several times, even the packaging materials in the online store are largely recycled and reusable materials.

We also use cardboard boxes with other companies' logos and prints in our e-shop packaging for shipments, because we think they deserve to be used more than just once!

This is why we get a lot of positive feedback from our customers - thank you for that!

We are a member of Suomen Ekoyrittäjie and we have been granted a key label, we are a 100% domestic online store, our products are stored and delivered from Tampere, Finland.

We generally appreciate the products and product lines of family businesses, small businesses and female entrepreneurs internationally, and the other brands we sell in our online store also meet these criteria: Artresin is a family business from Texas, IOD is a business of two sisters from America, Two Fussy Blokes is a business of two families from New Zealand, Mint by Michelle' behind is a female entrepreneur Michelle from Australia and Saltwash is an American small family business.

We want to offer our customers high-quality products and individual service that cannot be found in large chain markets, and at the same time we can influence the centers of our cities to remain vibrant and attractive.

Does your heart beat passionately for colors and manual skills - for those everyday better choices?

For us at Frenchic Finland, it is important that our partners and influencers share the same values ​​with us – that is, a passion for recycling, DIY projects, renovation and decoration, supporting small entrepreneurs.

We also want to get you and your friends excited about DIY, what and how you paint, and how you recycle and consume. Because together we can all change the culture of consumption and the appreciation of hand skills away from disposable culture with our choices!

We at Frenchic Paint Finland love creativity and new and inspiring ideas. We want to see how our products are used for different creative projects.

Supporters of similar values, both consumers and professionals, usually commit to our customers.

Thank you for finding our website!

Can a large garden swing be painted with an Al Fresco shade?

Only paint furniture in the yard, terrace and garden that you can store indoors during the winter. More about outdoor painting in Frenchic Blogs .

Can I paint my front door in lovely Frenchic colours, can't keep it inside for the winter?

The front door is a vertical surface that rarely has snow, ice and water piled up on it.

If your front door is under a small box or canopy, you can easily paint the front door with paint from the Al Fresco series. Useful instructions for painting the door can be found here .

Is it absolutely necessary to do groundwork before painting?

You don't believe such talk that no groundwork or preparations for the surface to be painted need to be done! Frenchic series paints have excellent adhesion - This is why it is important to remove all 'extra' between the paint and the base, so that the paint can definitely stick to the base - and not to the dirt layer.

So always only paint a clean surface - this way the final result will be beautiful and durable.

I have Fairy and Mäntysuopa at home, can I wash my furniture with them before painting?

Whatever detergent you use, remember to rinse and wipe the detergent with clean water off the surface of the furniture before painting. Many detergents contain oils that can make it difficult for the paint to last.

Water-based Frenchic paints repel oil and grease. The Sugar Soap from the Frenchic series is an effective degreaser and sufficient sealant, a furniture cleaner that is also washed off before painting.

I have heard that 'lime paints' are not of good quality or durable. How is Frenchic different from other chalk paints?

You must have heard exactly right, there are many kinds of paint sets on the market.

The award-winning Frenchic Paint® has set new standards for furniture painting and made it even easier and more fun - if you previously thought that chalk paint is not durable or practical, now is the time to try Frenchic at the latest!

Frenchic Paint® is not the 'usual chalk paint', but a brand new, award-winning and respected innovation, a quality paint series that is durable and suitable for professional use.

So how does Frenchic differ from other paint series?

In the Frenchic series, you can find the so-called new generation chalk paint, which has all the necessary protective properties already in the paint - how convenient, isn't it?

We have taken care for you that you get a durable and beautiful surface as easily as possible.

Frenchic paints have new, award-winning properties that other paint series don't have: 'Self Leveling', 'Self Sealing' and 'Self Priming' - these properties give you a flat and very wear-resistant surface without waxing, varnishing or primers.

The paintability of Frenchic paints is top class, richly pigmented and covering Frenchic paints are rich and almost non-draining and much more.

Try it and you'll love it for sure! Start experimenting with our award-winning Lazy Range, which comes with wax on the finish.

I have only painted furniture with standard furniture paints before. Does the Frenchic paint last on the furniture or the wall or does the color come off on the clothes?

You can easily paint your furniture or the wall with paints from the Frenchic series. Frenchic Paint® is also a furniture paint, manufactured as such and tested for that purpose.

For example, the paints of the Lazy Range series have ready-made liquid wax, so you can forget about old-fashioned waxing and demanding varnishes! The surface becomes durable just by painting.

Furniture paint Frenchic Paint Finland.

Frenchic paints dry quickly, but the wax in the paint hardens for three weeks and only then reaches its final hardness.

The protective properties of the Al Fresco series also harden over three weeks. The surface becomes very durable and wipeable.

Our wall paints are also top class! They have been granted EN71:3 certification and ISO11998 class 1 wet rubbing classification . The end result is a wonderful, smooth and ultra-matte surface.

Other properties of Frenchic series paints, such as composition, matte surface and coverage, and paintability, are also different from those of standard furniture paints.

Try it yourself, you'll notice the difference right away!

Dare I start, I haven't painted very much before?

If you haven't painted much before or haven't tried Frenchic series paints yet, we recommend that you boldly start with our award-winning Lazy Range series. Its features help you get a beautiful surface easily.

Also read the Painting instructions on our website and the instructions on the side of the jar before starting. Do a test painting before a larger project, so you can see exactly what the final result will be.

Ask your local Frenchic dealer for advice or in our active FB group: ' Frenchic Paint Finland ' or ' Frenchic Sweden '. We want to help you get started and that you succeed - that's why you can find the best instructions and tips for your painting project on our website and Frenchic Blogs!

I have noticed that almost everything is painted with Frenchic paints! Would I dare to paint the ceramic tiles? Or kitchen cabinets?

Yes! Al Fresco series paints are officially approved by the manufacturer for painting ceramic tiles. There are good instructions for painting tiles here . Really keen Frenchic fans paint all kinds of things with our paint - want to see?

Our customers post their pictures in FB groups, the largest of which is the English-language ' The Frenchic Fan Forum '. The domestic, Finnish-language FB group 'Frenchic Paint Finland ' is also full of our customers' publications about their painting projects.

We have conveniently gathered the most popular publications under the search terms, so you can easily find something interesting to watch in the group - try, for example, these search terms in the group: kitchen, blackjack, oho, technology video .

You can also see Frenchic kitchens in FB groups - you will definitely find a painted kitchen similar to yours in the groups!

What are the 'Limited Edition' shades?

They are seasonal shades from the Frenchic range, available for a limited time only. A limited number of Limited Edition shades are produced and new LE shades are announced every year.

The most popular LE shades can also enter regular production. You will always be the first to hear about new Frenchic product releases in the series' own Facebook groups.

How long has Frenchic been in Finland?

Frenchic has been in Finland for almost six years already. The importer of the series is Frenchic Paint Finland, a Finnish family business, and the products you order will be delivered to you safely from Tampere, Finland.

Where can I buy Frenchic paints?

You can find all our Frenchic dealers on this map .

Frenchic dealers seem to get along well with each other?

Frenchic dealers cooperate with each other and know each other. The dealers of the Frenchic Paint® series, from all over the world, gather to get to know, educate and celebrate England regularly. Here is a small video of the latest Frenchic meeting. And yes, we were there too! ❤️

Where can I find more sample photos of shades, painted furniture and walls?

You can find Frenchic on social media: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest .

The best example photos can be found in our FB groups, where you can see our customers' own, authentic Frenchic project photos and videos of their own painting projects.

The Frenchic series already has almost a hundred ready-made shades, which you can also mix yourself and make your own, unique shades.

All Frenchic shades are conveniently here .

You also get to ask the painters themselves and the Frenchic dealers in groups and you can share your own pictures for the joy of others! We are waiting for you to join us ❤️ !

How can I become a Frenchic reseller?

You can get Frenchic reseller rights for your company when you make an application and meet a few of our application criteria.

Your company must have a brick-and-mortar store, a summer store or a Pop-Up store - a business space where our customers can come to shop.

Are you ready to take responsibility for Frenchic customers and visibility in your own area - to actively increase Frenchic awareness in your locality?

Frenchic Paint® is something completely different from the usual wholesale product on your shelf!

Make an application (click on the ad or the 'Make an application' section at the top of the pages) even now and we will contact you! We are waiting for your application!

I am an entrepreneur, designer, carpenter, painter - craftsman and I would like to try out how Frenchic products fit my own products and customer projects.

Does Frenchic have a test kit or something?

If you have a valid Y ID, you can easily order a test package, Sample Box, from our online store. The 'Sample Box' contains different Frenchic Paint® products to try.


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