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These are asked about us from the FRENCHIC series

These you may not still know about the FRENCHIC series!

We have gathered the most common things and issues that we are often asked about us from the FRENCHIC series in messages sent by our customers, by email or phone.

Is frenchic paint french paint?

Is not. FRENCHIC was established in England 2014 and was born of the passion to develop the market for the best possible, non-toxic and safe marine series of all kinds of home painting with a large matte surface. Frenchic paint paints are also manufactured in England.

Now FRENCHIC Paint® has become a global source of inspiration for environmentally friendly recycling. We are proud of the fact that we are the fastest growing chalk paint / lime paint brand and popularity growth seems to continue. Recycling and self-making has become a recommendation to normal. There is always no need to buy new, but the old is worth renovating.

FRENCHIC Paint® has already become a phenomenon, it has taken the home council of the world over the storm! We love both interior designers than skillful home counters. Read More information about us hereToughen out of stock. FRENCHIC Paint series is now sold internationally around the world.

What makes the series so popular?

Our customers have fallen into a series of versatility, safety and quality. The Frenchi series also contains products that you do not find ones from other series, such as Finishing Coat, Franceen, and of course unique, award-winning paint.

In the characteristics of FRENCHIC paints, much praise gets 'Self-telling' - 'self-religination', which makes the surface becomes beautiful easily.

Other climbed features in our series include: 'Self Priming': No adhesive paints. 'Self sealing': not wax or ceases.

The FrenchIr series has been awarded about these innovations with a prestigious 'Queen's Award' prize.

Our customers often commented on our paintings - from a small paint damsel to surprisingly far! Sensitivity and new characteristics save the working time, shortening the drying times, reduce layers and the necessary different products. Our clients will also save money and time when using the Frenchi series.

Security is also appreciated. All the paints, waxes and coatings of the FRENCHIC series are tested and have been awarded to the Eurovualian 'Toy Safe Certification, which means that the paints are safe to paint even children's toys.

These features also appreciate the work of painting professionals and designers who want to provide their customers with environmental-conscious choices, safe and non-toxic options.

Non-toxicity and unsecuredness are also the characteristics of the FRENCHIC paints. All FRENCHIC paints, waxes and coatings are solvent-free, and hence low-free and even unsecured. Many chemicals sensitive customers have told us to use only French frank. If you are fragrant or otherwise you doubt that you will be able to finish your paint just for you, Visit these painting instructions.

We open all the ingredients of the paints on the side of each paint spin, and we do not increase plastic, VOCs or other 'secret ingredients' in paints.

Is frenchic black tone really black?

Yes indeed! Super Superior Blackjack or Loof are the credit shares of our interior decoration of our guests, just because of the color of its stunning matte.

Why do frenchic texts use so much red heartbear?

Ah, you've noticed! Of course, it seems to be good in us, but there is also part of the FRENCHIC series logo - you recognize a series of red heart. Red, hand-painted heart is an official, registered trademark just for the Frenchic series.

Frenchic heart logo.

Why does the Frenchic series be purchased from the Market or Hardware Store?

All dealers of the French Paint series are small businesses. One of the brand Idelogian is to support small businesses and keeps the stone footballs vibrant. We will be happy to guide our customers to your local French dealer to look at painted furniture, color schemes, and participate in painting courses.

Skilful and trained FRENCHIC dealers will be happy to advise you. Using your local or closest French dealer's support for local entrepreneurship, as we do. Of course, it is ok to subscribe to the FRENCHIC series from the online store if you do not yet have your own Frenchic dealer.

Can paint a large garden with al fresco tone?

Just paint suitable furniture for the yard, the terrace and the garden you can keep in the winter interior.

Can I paint your exterior door with wonderful frenchic colors, you can not keep it in the winter inside?

The outer door is a vertical surface rarely there is snow, ice and water rates. If your outdoor door is under a small lip or on the roof, you can greatly paint the Al Fresco series with a finishing outdoor door. The helpful instructions for painting the door can be found here.

Is it just forced to make bottom work before painting?

You do not think such speeches that no bottom work or preparations on a painting surface would not need to be done! The FRENCHIC series paints have excellent infection - for this reason, it is important to remove all the 'extra' paint and the bottom that the paint will surely get infected to the bottom - and not to the dirt layer. So always paint the pure surface - so the result is beautiful and durable.

I have Fairy and a piston in at home, can I wash my furniture before painting?

Whether whatever detergent, be sure to rinse and wipe the detergent with clean water off the furniture surface before painting. Many detergents contain oils that can make it difficult for paint. The water-borne frenchic paints repel oil and fat. The FRENCHIC Series Sugar Soap is a powerful and ribbon seal, a furniture detergent that is also washed off before painting.

I only painted furniture for furniture in earlier. Does the Frenchic paint take on furniture or wall or break the color on clothes?

You can absolutely paint your trails or a wall with a FRENCHIC series paint. FRENCHIC Paint is also a furniture paint, such as manufactured and for that purpose. For example, the Lazy Range series paints are ready for a liquid wax, so you can forget about old-fashioned waxes and demanding the varnishings! The surface becomes durable with just painting. The Frenchic paints will dry quickly, but the wax in the paint will cure for three weeks and only afterwards to achieve their final hardness. Also the protective properties of the Al Fresco series are cured in three weeks. The surface becomes durable and wiped.

Our wall paints are top notch! They have been granted EN71: 3-Thertifionti as well as ISO11998 Class 1 Wasight ClassificationToughen out of stock. The end result is a gorgeous, steady and ultimate surface.

Other features of the FRENCHIC series paints, such as composition, matte and coverage and paintability are different from standard furniture paint. Try yourself, you'll find out the difference right away!

Do I dare to start, I'm not before painting very much?

If you have not previously painted a lot or yet tried FRENCHIC series paints, we recommend that you try your award-winning Lazy Range series. Its features will help you get a beautiful surface easily. Also read Painting Instructions From our website and instructions on the side of the jar before starting. Make testing before a larger project, you will notice a very outcome of the result. Visit to advice from your local French dealer or active fb group: 'FRENCHIC Paint Finland' or 'FRENCHIC SWEDEN'

I have noticed that frenchic paints are painted almost everything! I dare to paint the ceramic tiles? Or kitchen cabinets?

Al Fresco series paints are officially approved by the manufacturer for the painting of ceramic tiles. There are good instructions for painting tiles hereToughen out of stock. Indeed, the eager french fans paint all kinds of paint (with their own risk) - do you want to see? Our clients publish their pictures in FB groups, most of which is English "THE FRENCHIC FAN FORUM'.

FRENCHIC kitchens can also be seen in FB groups - you will find groups that you will definitely be painted in the same kitchen as you have!

What are the Limited Edition tones?

They are the frenchic series of seasonal. Limited Edition tones are made for a limited period and only a limited amount. New Limited Edition tones will be announced annually. The most popular shades will reach permanent production. You will always hear new FRENCHIC product publications in the first series of own facebook groups.

How long has FRENCHIC been in Finland?

FRENCHIC has been three years in Finland. The importer of the series is FRENCHIC Paint Finland, a Finnish family business and the products you subscribed will be delivered to you safely from Finland, Raisio.

Where can I buy FRENCHIC paints?

You will find all Our FRENCHIC dealer from this map.

FRENCHIC retailers seem to get along with each other?

FRENCHIC dealers cooperate with each other and know each other. The French Paint series dealers, around the world, will meet to explore, train and celebrate English regularly. Here's a small video from the latest French appointment. And yes, we were there! ❤️

Where can I find more example images of tones, painted furniture and walls?

You will find FRENCHIC's social media: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube and Pinterest. The best example images can be found in our FB groups where our customers' own authentic freck projects and videos of their own painting projects. The Frenchic series has over 60 ready tones that you can also mix yourself and make your own unique tones. All frenchc tones are conveniently hereToughen out of stock. You can also ask in groups from the painters themselves from the FRENCHIC dealers and you can share your own pictures of the delight! We look forward to you ❤️!


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