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Maalaatpa kalusteita, seinää, ovia, listoja - mitä tahansa - palkittu englantilainen maalisarja Frenchic Paint®  tarjoilee aivan uudenlaiset maalit käyttöösi. Frenchic Paint –sarja sai alkunsa juuri vanhojen kalusteiden kunnostamisen intohimosta ja tavoitteesta edistää kierrätystä sekä itsetekemistä ja DIY-henkeä. Pehmeästi levittyvät Frenchic maalit ovat nyt taitavien kotimaalareiden suosikkisarja! ❤️ Eikä ihme!

Oletpa sitten ammattilainen tai innokas kotimaalari ja intohimoinen värien rakastaja, innostu keräämistämme 'ajatuksia ja lainauksia väreistä' ja inspiroidu itsetekemisestä Frenchic-tyyliin!

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Frenchic Furniture Paint has no hidden nasties (ALL our ingredients are written on the can). An all-natural, eco-friendly paint that requires minimal stirring, contains minimal added VOC’s, zero toxins and has virtually no smell, so great for painting indoors! You’ll find that it is creamy, rich and easy to use so is the perfect paint for upcycling revamps. As an added bonus, Frenchic Furniture Paint has endured rigorous testing and has been EN:71-3 certified, meaning it is safe to paint children’s toys and nursery furniture.

Environmentally friendly products are important for a sustainable future, and our multi-purpose, long-life natural toxin-free paint is breathable and a great choice for your home and family lifestyle. Our homes are an extension of ourselves and there is a great deal of reward in a touch of DIY. Frenchic Paint offers a safe solution that does not skimp on style or substance.

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We deliver Frenchic products to Finland, Sweden and Denmark

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At Frenchic Paint, we have a wide selection of chalk paint colours, all with minimal VOC content for virtually no smell. Whether you’re painting walls or upcycled furniture, we have the paint and tools you need.

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The World of Frenchic

Chalk paint is all the rage right now – and for good reason. It requires little to no prep, distresses beautifully and is incredibly easy to use. Perhaps you have an old chest of drawers you want to revamp or some shutters that are longing for a new pop of colour. To help you get started, take a look at our easy guide on what you need to know about applying chalk paint. See More

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Lazy Range is a unique, innovative, award-winning, all-natural, chalk and mineral paint with a wax infusion. With a selection of best-selling colours, there are no toxins or added VOC’s. It is a smooth, creamy, odourless paint that is self-priming, self-levelling (therefore little to no brush marks) and self-sealing with excellent coverage. It is a fantastic ‘paint and go’ product option when time is of the essence! The Lazy Range

Only in Frenchic Paint!

Frenchic Al Fresco Inside / Outdoor Range has gained fame for transforming front doors up and down the UK. It is a durable, weatherproof, UV resistant chalk paint specifically developed to protect and transform your garden and inside furniture. Frenchic Al Fresco is self-priming, self-sealing, self-levelling with an almost flat matte finish. Low in VOC, it is suitable for wood, laminate, UPVC, composites, ceramics, metal and is certified safe for use on children’s toys (EN 71:3). Al Fresco range