Pine furniture - Perfect for painting

Pine furniture is perfect for painting!

Do you also have strong and sturdy pine wood furniture that is just waiting to be painted? Maybe that multi-drawer apothecary chest or bedroom wardrobe?

Each of us has had one at some point - durable solid wood and stylish - at one time or another. It might not be worth replacing the intact and sturdy wooden furniture with a new one, but to hide the orange shade.

Tip! Remember to treat the pine furniture first with a finishing coating , so that the knots do not leak through the paint even years from now!

If you have any kind of pine furniture hidden in your home, it can easily be made beautiful again by painting it - a little Frenchic shade on the surface and maybe new handles - and it's like new again!

Painting with high-quality Frenchic paint intended for painting furniture is much easier than you think - here's how to get started:

What is Frenchic chalk paint and why would I use it?

Chalk paint is paint that you can use on various surfaces, such as furniture, toys or decorations - wherever you want a beautiful matte surface. Chalk paint quickly became synonymous with shabby chic style because it is easy to wear. Around the world, chalk paint is a common choice for paint for furniture even among professionals due to its good properties. However, there are many different chalk paint sets on the market, avoid paints intended for crafting when painting furniture.

Pink painted cabinet Dusky Blush, Al Fresco.

Photo: Dusky Blush, Al Fresco

For durable furniture painting and interior painting, you should choose chalk paint developed for furniture painting, not craft-type paint.

Conventional chalk paint requires wax for protection so that the surface can withstand use and wear. Only in the Frenchic series, the wax is already ready in the paint - quite convenient, isn't it!

The waxy chalk paint series is called Lazy Range. You can read more about the differences of the Frenchic series in the Blogs.

The other paints in the Frenchic series also have protective properties already in the paint, so you can choose a shade from the Lazy Range, Al Fresco or Trim Paint series!

Easy to use and pleasant to paint, chalk paint also forgives mistakes. In addition, the chalk paints have beautiful shades to choose from - from bright to soft, from pastels to neutrals - the Frenchic series already has over a hundred ready-made shades.

Can I paint pine furniture?

Pine wood furniture is ideal for painting - it takes paint well on its surface. Your painting project doesn't have to be limited to furniture, you can also paint intermediate doors, stair railings, etc.

The adhesion of chalk paint is top class and it stays on almost any surface; in different types of wood, metal, glass and cement. Choose a high-quality chalk paint for furniture painting, such as Frenchic, for your project.

All paints in the Frenchic Paint series are solvent-free, almost odorless and, of course, environmentally friendly.

The paints of the Frenchic series have been researched and tested - they have been certified, so you can paint the Children's room furniture and toys with Frenchic paints without worry - you can realize the Children's room of your dreams with pastel shades or Scandinavian modern style and paint the furniture and toys in the same tones!

How do I paint pine furniture with lime paint?

One of the advantages of lime paint is that it does not require complex primer work. Once you have protected the floor and carpet under the furniture to be painted, clean and prepare the furniture and you can start!

1. Select a brush

If you paint your furniture with lime paint, you will get the best result with an oval brush. The Italian, handmade brushes of the Frenchic series are a thoughtful mixture of synthetic and natural brushes, intended specifically for chalk paint painting - with a high-quality oval brush you get the best result.

2. Prepare the furniture

Protect the floor and carpet under the furniture to be painted in your work area. Then you can look at the furniture to be painted. If the surface to be painted is shiny, smooth and slippery, such as a varnished surface, lightly roughen the surface to give the paint the best possible adhesion. Make sure that the furniture is clean of dirt, grease and dust. Wipe / wash all dirt stains and greasy areas with Sugar Soap detergent - rinse and dry the surface. Always paint only a clean surface, so that the paint will stick everywhere on the furniture.

Remember to seal the knots with Finishing Coating if necessary, so they don't leak through the paint. Quick-drying Frenchic Finishing coatings are easy to use.

Now you can take a 'Before' photo of a clean piece of furniture. You definitely want to show everyone how your furniture looked before painting!

3. Paint

You can now move on to this fun step! Choose a shade from the Lazy Range - paint only, no other paint protection - How convenient! You will surely be surprised by the coverage of our paint and its soft and wonderfully smooth paintability.

Chalk paint gives you countless options for finishing your furniture and using fun painting techniques. Do you want a translucent style that shows the grain of the wood? A light paint wash with white or a Shabby Chic -style patinated surface? With furniture lime paint, you can succeed in all of these! We have put together several guides for you on different painting techniques here at Frenchic Blogs.

Try Maalipesu, the 'Color Wash' technique

However, do you want the wood grain to be visible and only a shade on the surface, not a covering layer of paint? This technique works well on a clean new or old wood surface and on a clean sanded surface. Then dilute a small amount of paint in a clean container and brush the mixture onto the wooden surface. The milky texture is good. Wipe off the excess water-dye mixture with a cloth. A light shade of paint from the chosen color remains on the surface of the wood, some of the pigment is absorbed into the wood grain, depending on the wood quality and its porosity. Repeat if you want.

You can choose any shade for this technique. White paint wash, White Wash - technique for wooden surfaces is now a trendy Boho style and it is also suitable for a Scandinavian home. Do you make your own furniture? Try the color wash technique with gray paint - you can easily get kelo-type, gray furniture from new wood. For this technique , choose for example Salt of The Earth or Stone Rosie shade if you want the end result to be natural and light beige. On our Instagram and TikTok accounts, you can find good videos on how you can implement the technology.

Try the Shabby Chic style

This style brought furniture painting to the top of the trends. In this style, a worn, old and patinated essence is sought for the furniture - it can easily be achieved with chalk paint. Paint your pine furniture and let the paint dry. Then you wear/sand with sandpaper or a sanding sponge the edges, corners and decorations of the furniture so that the wood surface comes out from under the paint.

Don't be shy about using colors. Great color combinations will transform your boring pine furniture into something wonderful again.

4. A new coat of paint?

You can also try the two- or three-tone technique. Paint layers of different shades and use bright, bold shades. Allow the layers to dry completely before the next one. The last layer of paint gives the overall look to your furniture. Wear the paint with a sanding pad or sandpaper carefully - so that the next shade comes out. Do you want a smoother surface? You need at least two coats to finish. Are you satisfied with the already used surface? You don't always need a new layer.

5. Add wax

When the paint is completely dry, you can add wax if you have sanded the paint surface open. The wax is absorbed into wear spots and into the wood, protecting both the wood and the freshly painted surface. You definitely want your beautiful furniture and painting to be preserved. Treat your beautiful furniture now with care until the wax hardens - it takes about 21 days. If you're using chalk paint that already has wax in it, and you haven't made any wear - you can skip this step.

6. Admire and enjoy

Now you can step back and admire your 'new' furniture! Remember to take an 'After' photo - others want to see the wonderful change - so do we!

The Frenchic Paint series is a versatile and high-quality interior paint series, which includes five different paint sets, brushes, waxes, coatings and stencils. Whatever you're painting in your home, check out the certified Frenchic series first. For surface renovation and DIY, painting walls, doors, stairs, railings, furniture and kitchen cabinets and ceramic tiles - read more about the Frenchic series here!

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