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Painting the walls is one of the fastest decorating methods

By changing the tone of the wall, you change the atmosphere quickly and cheaply - without special machines or complicated tools.

Check out Frenchic's new wall paint shades here.

Over the past 12 months, we've been hard at work curating even more beautiful shades for our chalk wall paint range and matching Trim Paint range. And why not?

The Good Housekeeping Institute has chosen our wall paint as the best washable paint and the best chalk paint!

So paint the walls with our wall paint and finish the room in style by painting the room's radiators, moldings and doors in the same shade with paints from the Trim Paint series.

You now have a real choice when it comes to painting panel walls, interior walls, baseboards, doors and even radiators.

Frenchic wall paints are well suited for home or summer cottage, traditional buildings or modern style.

The English, soft Frenchic color scheme is partly reminiscent of our old, domestic traditional shades, so you can combine our wall paint beautifully with traditional wallpapers.

Are you ready to take a deeper look at our new color selection?

Read more and check out some of the main highlights...

In addition, read more detailed product information at the end. Read here also our customers' experiences and feedback about the Frenchic series.

1. Whites and near-whites

White and almost white are always popular colors, as they are soothing and easy to use with any interior style.

Our recently expanded range of wall paints now includes new shades - from the super light pearl gray Moon Whisper to the new Cloud 9 shade, from the off-white Yorkshire Rose to the classic, pure white Whiter than White .

Here you can conveniently take a look at all the white shades.

Light silver gray Moon Whisper wall paint Frenchic.

Moon Whisper, light silver gray wall paint.

2. Green wall paint

We've mentioned before that we expect bolder color choices to become more common in 2023. However, it's easy to be a little cautious about adding color in the interior if you're not used to it.

Neutral and natural tones are a great way to add color safely because they are not too challenging for our senses.

Our wall paint selection now includes a selection of soft, botanical and architectural shades that are perfect for this.

If you're looking for a bit of color to liven up your surroundings without being dramatic, Green with Envy lets you keep things understated.

Also check out the lime or apple-toned Apple Barn color and the highly popular water-green Breezing . How about dark and mossy Constance Moss , fresh Bradstock , wonderfully smoky and trendy Steaming Green or beautiful pale Maveric? Sweetcheecks, a light and fresh salmon shade, goes wonderfully with green.

Here you can conveniently take a look at all the green and blue shades.

Water green wall paint Breezing Frenchic.

Water green Breezing, wall paint.

Earthy beiges, shades of clay and sand

Neutral, earthy and soft shades like light beige Pampas , hare brown Bunnikins , cocoa-toned, warm Moleskin are suitable for boho style and Japanese style.

Together with fresh white, these neutrals are always a functional and classic combination.

We'll add another favorite of Finns to the list: Stone in Love in a linen shade.

Check out all the brown and beige shades conveniently here.

3. A little bolder?

Of course, there are also bolder options if you're ready to dive right into the colors.

Friendly and warming shades like Honeycombe and Earthy are a great choice for an atmospheric interior.

Take a look at all the yellow and orange shades here.

Honey yellow wall paint Honeycombe Frenchic.

Honey yellow Honeycombe, wall paint.

Design and Boutique style

This style requires a bold use of colors. The atmosphere comes only from strong colors and their abundant use.

Painting one wall isn't enough if you're going for drama and hotel-style luxury. At that time, also think about painting the ceiling and moldings and doors in the same tone as the walls!

Wall paint in an aubergine shade Boujee Frenchic.

Boujee, wall paint

For example, the forest-green Black Forest , the eggplant-toned Boujee , the blue Smooth Operator and the all-black Black Tie create a dark-toned atmosphere.


4. Scandi style

Scandi style manages to maintain a foothold in the design world year after year.

Wall paint kerosene Jitterbug Frenchic.

Jitterbug, wall paint

Speaking of Scandi vibes , Jitterbug is one of our top picks for new wall paint color additions.

It's suitable for any setting as it's dark enough to add a bit of drama without being garish or overpowering. Jitterbug is also a perfect choice for an old house.

It looks simply stunning with plain white (or near-white) shades, wooden surfaces, rattan and brick.

You smoothly combine the linen shade with this shade, and if you're looking for a color pair for Jitterbug, check out the sand-toned Stone in Love and the smoky Shush .

Gray wall paint Shush Frenchic.

Shush, wall paint.

Classic blue-based grays such as Seagull and Gentlemen's Club are also suitable for the stylish Scandi world.

Perfect color

There are dozens of shades to choose from, so you're sure to find a few that match the shade you're looking for from the wall paint or Trim Paint selections .

That's great - it's always better to have more options than too few. After all, no one wants to settle for a color that is almost exactly what you wanted.

Frenchic Chalk Wall Paint - an award-winning wall paint series

Our wall paint is velvety and luxurious - and practical!

The ultra-matt surface is both breathable and completely washable, low in VOCs and almost odorless.

And you can also use it on non-wall surfaces.

Chalk Wall Paint is suitable for:

  • for interior walls and ceilings

  • for wooden parts indoors, such as panels and battens

  • for laminate

  • for radiators

  • for ceramic tiles that are not in standing water areas. Read more about tile painting here.

  • for concrete, as well as wood and laminate floors. A painted floor, for example in the hall, may require maintenance painting from time to time.

Color choice

Remember that the nature of colors changes depending on the lighting and the adjacent color. The color repeats differently also on horizontal or vertical surfaces.

Make sure you reserve enough paint to complete the project.

Standard industry advice is that if you need more than one can of paint, make sure they are from the same batch (batch number) or, if that is not possible, mix the paint batches before painting to ensure a consistent end result.

Adequacy of paint

A 2.5 liter container is enough for about 36m2. For a durable result, two layers of paint are recommended, so you paint about 17m2 with one 2.5L can of paint, on a smooth and normal surface.

Grooved panel, raw board, etc., beadboard panel and braided surfaces naturally take more paint than a flat surface.

Let the layers dry according to the instructions for at least 2 hours. Dust dry in an hour. Finish the wall surface with long strokes from top to bottom.

One layer or thinned paint can have a detrimental effect on durability.

Porous and uneven surfaces, such as fiberglass wallpaper or raw board, usually require a little more paint than in the instructions.

Durability of the paint

For optimal results, we recommend preparing the surfaces before painting according to the instructions and following the painting instructions and drying times.

You can find them all on the side of the paint can!

Brief painting instructions

The preparations are always the same: paint only a clean and dry surface.

So wash the wall, if necessary - for example, in the kitchen it is really important to wash off kitchen grease before painting - or greasy soot dust if the rooms are heated with wood.

Then let's paint!

First, paint the edges with a brush, demarcate the moldings, breakers and ceiling line etc. with demarcation tape .

Frenchic wall paints can be painted with a roller, brush or sprayer.

The number of layers is at least two

If the surface is very uneven and the color difference between the selected shade and the color of the surface is large, you may need a third layer.

If you are painting, for example, old fiberglass wallpaper, a panel wall/ceiling or porous chipboard, wallpaper or a wooden surface, due to the uneven surface, the paint consumption will naturally be higher than on a normally flat surface.

If you decide to paint over, for example, embossed vinyl wallpaper or board, note that the paint does not cover the embossed pattern, but can even emphasize it.

It is important to mix the paint carefully before painting - and during a longer painting project, and to follow the drying times of the layers. Read the instructions on the side of the paint can before starting.

Finish the room and paint the yellowed radiators and pipes with the same wall shade.

Choose a wall paint shade here.

Chalk Wall Paint

  • aqueous

  • suitable for indoor use only

  • ISO 11998 class 1 wet rub classification, fully washable after drying

  • UKCA and EN71-3 certified (safe paint for children's toys) EN71-3:2019+A1:2021

  • Low VOC content, almost odorless

  • Gloss level: Ultra matte

  • Self Priming - no primer needed

  • Self Sealing - does not require wax or other coating

  • Mix carefully and for a long time before painting and during a longer project. The heavy pigment quickly sinks to the bottom of the paint can.

  • Can be painted with a roller , brush or sprayer.

Here you can see all the Frenchic shades.

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