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Color selection process for the home kitchen

With all the colors of the rainbow at your fingertips, choosing the right color for your kitchen cabinets and cupboards can feel overwhelming.

From soothing neutrals and dazzling whites to bold or pastel shades, the possibilities are endless!

Ultimately, the choice of color is very personal. The color should always please you and work together with the character of the home and the rest of the interior.

No guide can choose colors for you. However, if we help you understand a little more about the painting process and color selection, it can help you make a decision.

In this blog you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What paint is best for kitchen cabinets?

  • Is it easy to paint kitchen cabinets?

  • What colors make small kitchens look bigger?

  • How do I choose complementary colors?

Finally, we suggest some very stylish options that will make any kitchen space look brand new.

What paint is best for kitchen cabinets?

In addition to the shade of your dreams, the best paint for kitchen cabinets must be both durable and practical.

If you want to minimize the messy, smelly and time-consuming aspects of painting your kitchen, you need a paint that requires simple surface preparation.

For this, the best paint for kitchen cabinets is modern chalk paint. Water-based paints with a low VOC content are pleasant to use. The 'Self Priming' feature means they don't need primers, and they're naturally low-scent.

Chalk Paints usually have a matte finish, so they are perfect for covering imperfections that glossy surfaces tend to highlight.

In addition, modern chalk paints are very durable, so they can withstand daily use.

Is it easy to paint kitchen cabinets?

You can paint kitchen cabinets in four simple steps without much effort, special tools and high costs. All you have to do is clean, lightly sand, paint and finish.

In addition, when you use the new and smart Frenchic Al Fresco or Lazy Range paints, you get all the benefits of modern chalk paints, which means that with little effort you can update your kitchen yourself!

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The striking colors of the kitchen cabinets

Here's what you've been waiting for - our expert recommendations for choosing colors and absolutely stunning kitchen cabinets.

Remember to prioritize the colors and shades that make you happy. If nothing on this list appeals to you, check out the entire collection of paints suitable for kitchen cabinets.

Green in the kitchen cabinets

The color green in all its shades is now IN. Greens have grown in popularity because our interest in nature has increased.

Green brings the outside air in and feels spacious and meditative at the same time, just like decorating with green plants.

Color psychologists believe that the color green promotes balance, harmony, growth and renewal.

Wise Old Sage is a crowd favorite. This green is lighter and less dominant than darker greens, bringing a subtle feel to the space.

Our sage gray and architectural green is reminiscent of traditional shades with a matte surface, and it also fits well with old buildings.

You can naturally combine this green with other shades and it looks exceptionally lovely together with soothing shades such as duck egg blue and natural light shades.

Alternatively, create a contrast with a stunning emerald green. Victory Lane dazzles against brilliant white tiles and household appliances. Its intense, jewel-like pigment delights you every time you enter the room.

Whatever you choose, combine shades with houseplants and wooden surfaces as well as other natural materials, for example linen or rattan, and you will achieve the most down-to-earth and cozy impression.

See all green Frenchic shades here.

Blue in the kitchen cabinets

Blue is one of the most popular colors in the kitchen - and for good reason. It looks good in practically all kitchens, from traditional shaker and country romantic styles to ultra-modern styles.

A deep and dark inky blue shade like After Midnight will add depth and a strong, dramatic background to your kitchen. Or choose a lighter and slightly more unusual shade like Moody Blue .

Its lovely lavender tones lighten the atmosphere of the kitchen and keep it looking completely unique.

Duckling - the classic duck egg blue-gray English shade is a sure choice for a lover of soft and pastel shades. Ol' Blue Eyes . is slightly broken, a beautiful sky blue, wonderful in the color world of summer cottages and villas.

Neutral tones in kitchen cabinets

Neutral-toned cabinets are far from boring - they give you complete freedom to choose appliances, wall paint and furniture.

They are excellent background colors and can be used to highlight other colors in the palette. They emphasize, for example, bold wall elements and distinctive interior effects.

In addition, natural shades such as Cream Dream and Salt of the Earth create a sense of calm.

They are wonderfully calm, anything but boring and very easy to live with. Cool Beans - beige with a hint of pink is a great choice to pair with white.

See all the beige and earth tones here.

Gray in kitchen cabinets

When it comes to the colors of the kitchen cabinets, there's plenty to choose from in gray. Whether you choose dark or light - you create a completely new atmosphere with your color choice.

Keep things light: Gustavian gray with Swanky Pants - a light silver shade that can be used liberally while keeping the kitchen light and bright.

Or feel free to use dark Smudge. This deep charcoal gray can add drama to your kitchen and give it a sophisticated, elegant look. Select Smudge if the space has a red brick surface or green plants.

Alternatively, Greyhound is a deep mid-grey shade with distinct blue undertones. Blue-gray provides the perfect background for splashes of color in towels, small appliances or kitchen accessories.

See all the gray ones here.

Black and white in the kitchen cabinets

If we talk about distinctive colors in the kitchen, we cannot leave out black and white. Although these two opposite shades are suitable as kitchen colors, today there is also a trend in which wall cabinets are painted in a lighter color than base cabinets.

This creates the illusion of space in the kitchen by visually adding depth and extra dimension to the cabinets.

Refresh your base cabinets with a deep, dark Loof color and change the wall cabinets with a fresh, clean Whitey White shade.

If you want to look at all the Frenchic shades together, visit this page - if you want to see what kind of kitchens others have painted, join our FB group !

You can thank us later!

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