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Ideas and inspiration for decorating in Frenchic style!

Color affects us humans - even our emotions.

Even so, many still underestimate the effect of paint colors on the space and its atmosphere. So how can you choose just the right shade for your home?

It's a different thing to follow how the changing season's favorite shades are used in everyday projects than to read what is 'announced' to be popular.

Among the Frenchic shades, there are already some perennial favourites, classics - shades that work year after year, in any space - despite the trends to which the matte shades of the Frenchic series adapt again and again!

The best tips from the makers

You get the best advice and tips from experts who have painted a lot themselves and boldly used several shades.

Our renovating, decorating and building customers have their own experience of the effect of colors in their own home on the changing atmosphere of the space.

You can find experts like this among Frenchic painters, for example, in our Facebook group !

Feel free to ask in the group, post a picture of the room, and you'll definitely get good advice and tips on choosing the "right color".

At the same time, you can see real pictures of our customers in the group, both during the painting project and of the finished rooms.

By following the project photos of our international customers in a group, you can quickly get to the bottom of what's trending in interior design right now, what kind of DIY projects and new innovations our talented customers are implementing.

Who doesn't love good 'before and after' photos!

There are already almost a hundred shades to choose from, from classics to new ones, and we can promise that more are coming!

Now you know what to look out for!

Our customers' pictures of international and domestic homes give you a complete overview of future trends and the versatile and imaginative use of the most popular colors in various DIY and renovation projects.

Join the miracle (click on the picture) and tell your decorating, building and renovating friends about the group and our Instagram account !

Frenchic series of experiences from the Facebook group. Join in!

See you in the group!

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