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Try it first - paint in a ventilated space

Those with chemical allergies and sensitivities should always be careful when using protective equipment and, if possible, test the suitability of the product before starting the painting work. If you are unsure about the suitability of the products, start experimenting with products from the Lazy Range series .
Read the instructions on the side of the paint can and always follow the instructions. Take care of adequate ventilation and ventilation during painting work and paint drying, but for at least two days.

Protect yourself and your workspace carefully

Allergic and sensitive people should always use protective equipment when painting and waxing.
The most important protective equipment are protective gloves and goggles.
Also protect the workspace and use suitable work clothes for the painting project,
with protective long sleeves and pant legs.
Paint may splash on the skin when painting. With appropriate protective clothing, you avoid unnecessary skin contact with the paint.
Like water-based paints in general, Frenchic paints also contain a little preservative, which may cause an allergic reaction to already sensitized people if the paint gets splashed on the skin. Wash the paint off the skin immediately with soap and water.
Also wear safety glasses when painting (other than when painting the ceiling).
If you suspect that you are allergic to paint ingredients, you can get additional protection from a respirator if necessary.

All Frenchic paint ingredients are listed on the side of the paint can

Read and follow the instructions, especially regarding drying times and how to store the paint to keep it reusable and clean. Take care of the cleanliness of the painting equipment during and after the painting project. Fragrances are a very personal experience. If you are unsure whether you can use the Frenchic series, stop by our retailer to try the products or order a small sample jar from our online store and do a test painting.

The paints of the Frenchic Paint series have been awarded the European Toy Safe classification, our paint is suitable for children's furniture, painting toys and pet furniture

All paint sets, waxes and finishing coatings of the Frenchic Paint series are reliably tested products and have been awarded the European Toy Safe classification, EN71:3 certification, which means that it is safe to paint children's furniture, children's toys and pet furniture with the products of the Frenchic Paint series.
So you can use our paints in all areas of the home without worry.
Also read Painting instructions and FAQ , frequently asked questions.

Happy painting moments!

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