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How do I paint a wooden door?

Painting the front door is a quick, easy and affordable way to refresh the facade of your home. Best of all, it's a great opportunity to express your own style or make a statement!

However, it is important to know how to paint a wooden front door before you start.

In this post, we will give you tips on what you need, as well as good instructions on preparing the surface and painting the door to achieve the best result.

Choosing the right paint

If your door is exposed to weather conditions and is not under an eaves or lintel, you need a suitable durable and weatherproof paint. Due to the ease and speed of application, the Frenchic series 'Self Priming' paint is the perfect choice .

Al Fresco series paints contain UV protection and anti-mould agent, because Al Fresco paints are a weather-resistant outdoor furniture paint series.

Many paints require a primer, which means buying extra products and adding time to the project. Paints that include a primer - like the entire Frenchic range - reduce this effort and cost.

What about the color?

Let's not forget the important color. Think carefully about the impression you want to create. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Does the color have to match other yard buildings, such as a garage, etc.?
  • Are you in an area where traditional colors are important?
  • Do you want your door to stand out or blend in?

  • Do you want to choose two colors: one for the outside and another color for the inside of the door?
  • You can choose a shade from any of the Frenchic series for the interior of the hallway, wind closet or other intermediate door. For the front door only from the weatherproof Al Fresco series.

Assess the condition of your front door before painting

You have chosen the color (and hopefully also the type of paint)!

But wait a minute - it's important to assess the condition of your door before you open the can of paint.

First, check that the door is in good condition for painting. Signs of wear and tear can cause problems later.

Also think about the kind of wear and tear your door is subjected to in everyday life: Is there a pet in the family, for example, that jumps against the door and scratches the surface of the door? In that case, after painting, you should add paint to protect the Finishing coating.

Rust must be treated, and algae, mold or moss must be removed. These can usually be removed with outdoor cleaning solutions.

The most important thing is to always wear protective equipment such as a mask, goggles and rubber gloves when cleaning mold and using toxic paint or rust removers.

What do I need to paint a wooden door?

To get started you need at least:

✅The goal of the Al Fresco series

✅Sugar Soap detergent, water container, cloth or sponge.

✅Finishing coating

✅Protective paper or fabric under the door

Sandpaper or other sanding tool

✅Brushes and/or rollers or sprayer

✅Edging tape if you have glass panels and want to tape handles and hinges

Choosing the right painting day

Choosing the right date and even time is also important because it affects how well the paint spreads and hardens.

Do not paint outdoors if any of the following occur within the next 48 hours:

✅The air temperature is predicted to drop below +10 degrees.
✅According to the forecast, it will rain.
✅There is probably moisture in the air.

✅There is going to be a particularly hot period

In general, it is best to paint outdoors in the warmer months. Despite this, applying the paint in direct sunlight can also make it difficult to apply the paint, as it speeds up the drying process too much.

This can lead to uneven coverage and paint overload, so check the weather forecast before taking out your brush.

Read more about Outdoor painting here.

Instructions in short, you should save:

✅ Reserve a painting suitable for painting the front door and a free afternoon; a place protected from cloud cover and rain is the best.

✅ Painting in too hot or direct sunlight causes the paint to dry too quickly, and the beautiful smoothing of the paint does not take place: so paint in the shade.

✅ When painting outside, the air temperature must remain at +10 degrees for the first 48 hours day and night when painting with Frechic series paints.

✅ Durable Al Fresco series paint contains UV protection and anti-mould, it is weatherproof and certified. Al Fresco includes all the necessary protective features for painting garden furniture as well!

✅ Wash the surface to be painted clean, rinse off detergent residues and lightly roughen the surface. Wipe off the sanding dust.

✅ Paint at least twice, let each layer dry for 2 hours. Read the instructions on the side of the paint can.

✅ All Frenchic paints and coatings are 100% water-based, so tools can be easily washed with clean water.

✅ With a small 250ml can, you paint one side of the door at least twice.

✅ Take care of the paint surface more than usual the first few days and remember that the paint reaches its final hardness after three weeks.

✅ If the wooden surface of the door has previously been treated with oil, the permanence of the paint cannot be guaranteed on an oily surface. Read more here.

✅ You can find additional information and work instructions for the Al Fresco series for each shade. Click open the INFORMATION tab.

How to paint a wooden front door?

Surface preparation

Did you skip the preparations? Prepare to fail.

Preparing the surface of the door is as important as the painting phase itself. With proper preparation, you can more easily get a smooth and long-lasting surface.

Here are some key steps to follow:

✅Wash the door and sides properly with Sugar Soap detergent and a sponge/cloth to remove dirt and grease marks.

✅Rinse carefully and let dry (remember that the wood can take quite a long time to dry, especially if the weather is damp or cool).

✅If you use Frenchic's Self Priming Al Fresco paints, you can next sand the door with sandpaper. Light roughening helps all types of paint to stick better in every place.

✅Wipe off any remaining dust, and congratulations, you're almost done!

Preparing the painting

Before you start painting, make sure you also follow these key preparation steps to achieve the best result:

✅ Make sure you keep protective paper or cloth under the door and paint cans. Any spills happen unnoticed and it's easy to trample the door paint around before you know it!

✅Use tape to cover all the parts in or around the door that you don't want to get paint on. Any glass panels should also be covered with cardboard or paper.

✅Protect, remove or replace door silicone seals. No paint stays on the gaskets, so now might be a good time to replace them with new ones.

✅Make sure you have all the necessary equipment, including a ladder if necessary.

✅If you do not use Self Priming paint, you must prime the door. This can add additional work time to the process. Apply primer to the entire door - don't forget the sides.

If you have chosen our self-priming Al Fresco paint, there is no need to worry about this step.

Painting the front door

Now it's time to start painting!

Large, flat surfaces can be challenging to paint evenly. Whether you use brushes, a roller or a sprayer, it's a good idea to practice the technique beforehand so you can work on your front door with confidence.

When you're ready to get started, here are the steps:

✅Apply the paint following the direction of the wood color.

✅Apply the second layer of paint after the recommended time - it is important that you carefully follow the instructions on the paint can.

✅Check coverage and drying time between layers, as they can vary between paints.

✅Evaluate the shade only after two dry layers.

✅When you are satisfied with your work, remove the masking tape. It is important to do this before the paint is dry.

The curing of the paint is a gradual process that can take up to three weeks before the paint is fully cured. Handle the painted surface with care during this time.

✅Is your door made of a material other than wood?

You may want to watch our video guide on painting UPVC doors , as the painting process is the same.

Most UPVC furniture/surfaces can be painted. If possible, however, it is worth checking with the door manufacturer if there are any restrictions.

Be sure to check the structural integrity as well. If there are signs of blown or badly damaged panels or joints, painting can sometimes make the problem worse.

Are you ready to paint your wooden front door in a wonderful Frenchic shade?

Door painting instructions.

If you're eager to start painting your own front door, Frenchic can help you with their range of Self Priming paints that minimize preparation while providing beautiful, even coverage.

Read here what Self Priming paint is and what its benefits are.

Browse our range of weatherproof and UV protected Al Fresco shades to find the perfect color for your home's entrance - then use our guide to painting your wooden front door to get the best result!

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