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Frenchic doors and stairs are delightful and are a popular subject for painting!

A colorful front door delights every time and puts the home's own people and guests in a good mood!

Read here useful painting tips for painting interior and exterior doors - or stairs.

Have you thought about painting your home bathroom, intermediate doors or stairs?

Pink stairs painted wooden stairs Frenchic Paint Finland.

Photo: @eli_at_home, Dazzle Me! and Dusky Blush shades.

Get inspired by these Frenchic doors and stairs and make your own: come up with a personal colored door for every room or make a splash of color in the entrance hall door.

The door can also be painted only on one side - how about a shade matching the wallpaper in the bedroom or a cheerful and colorful door in the child's favorite color for the children's room?

A quick door painting project

Reserve a painting suitable for painting the front door and a free afternoon; a place protected from cloud cover and rain is the best.

When painting outside, the air temperature must remain at +10 degrees for the first 48 hours during the day and at night when painting with Frechic series paints.

If you are not painting in a canopy, protect the painted surface from night rain/dew and debris. You can find more painting instructions at this link.

The suitable paint for exterior doors from the Frenchic series is Al Fresco, which already has all the protective properties

Green painted door from Constance Moss Al Fresco series, Frenchic Paint.

Photo: Front door painted green: Al Fresco shade Constance Moss.

Painted door pink Dusky Blush, from the Al Fresco Frenchic Paint series.

Photo: pink exterior door Dusky Blush, from the Al Fresco Frenchic Paint series.

Choose painting tools

You can do the painting with a roller or a brush. If your door has mirrors, moldings, glasses or other decorations, you may need a narrow and a wide brush.

Painted blue door duck egg blue Duckling, from the Frenchic Paint series.

Photo: blue painted exterior door duck egg blue Duckling, from the Al Fresco series.

Sky blue exterior door from the Al Fresco series, Frenchic Paint.

Photo: Sky blue exterior door from the Al Fresco series, Ol´Blue Eyes.

Painted door Green lime paint from the Victory Lane Frenchic Paint series.

Photo: Painted Green double door Victory Lane, from the Al Fresco series.

Painted door with paints from the Frenchic Paint series.

Image: Reserve suitable weather for painting your front door and time for the paint to dry.

Painting the door is a nice and quick little project

Reserve a free afternoon for yourself and paint your own door colorful. You should also allow time for drying.

Although the paint dries quickly, all the protective properties of the paint harden in their own time - about three weeks. Until then, use surfaces with caution.

If there is a scratch on the fresh paint surface, patch it.

Prepare the surface to be painted by cleaning it thoroughly

Look at the clean surface and decide if you want to fill up any scratches and dents before painting.

If necessary, remove hooks, nails, etc. from the door and tape the glass parts, handles, etc.

If the surface to be painted is smooth, slippery and shiny - lightly roughen the surface.

Wipe off the dust and paint on a clean and dry surface. ❤️

Finish with a coating if necessary

If the domestic water is subject to heavy consumption (for example, a family with children and pets may need a protective surface), add the finishing coating from the Frenchic series to the surface.

You can choose between a matte or glossy surface.

Finishing coatings of the Frenchic series are water-based and dry quickly. Add the coating according to the instructions to the dry paint surface only 48 hours after painting at the earliest.

Treat your beautiful painted door well, especially in the beginning when the paint is still fresh. So no more opening the door with your foot, even if you have the door handles in both hands!

Heavy wear doesn't mean you can't paint surfaces.

Both Finishing coatings; Finishing Coat, which dries to a glossy finish, and Tuff Top Coat, which has a matte surface, are also suitable for protecting the paint surface of stairs and floors.

Remember to take before and after pictures!

Painted door Frenchic Paint Finland Al Fresco durable paint series.

Image shades: Wise Old Sage, Dusky Blush, Duckling, Kiss Me Sloely, Just Peachy, Constance Moss.

The drying interval of Al Fresco paint layers is two hours

It's a good time to take a coffee break. Brushes should always be washed between layers and put to dry with the bristles facing down.

With a clean brush, the paint mark is beautiful. Follow the drying instructions and also read the instructions on the side of the paint can before starting. More painting instructions here.

Green Painted door with paints from the Frenchic Paint series, Wise Old Sage tone.

Photo: door painted in green Wise Old Sage from the Al Fresco series.

Finish your beautiful door with a seasonal wreath or a personalized knocker

Painted door with petrol shade Steel Teal, from the Frenchic Paint series.

Photo: Painted door with petrol shade Steel Teal, from the Frenchic Paint series. A dragonfly-shaped door knocker completes your stunning door - get yours here!

The door is painted green with Victory Lane, from the Frenchic Paint series.

Photo: Painted door in green shade Victory Lane, from the Frenchic Paint series.

Repaint the yellowed interior doors beautifully

Painted interior doors neutral beige with Funky Dora tone, waxy chalk paint Frenchic Paint.

Image: Painted interior doors in neutral beige Funky Dora tone, Lazy Range

Painted yellow door Frenchic Paint.

Photo: Painted yellow door, Hot as Mustard, Lazy Range.

A personal door painted in your favorite color will remain a memory in your mind

With the paints of the Frenchic series, you can repaint if you want with another shade on top of the previous shade and easily change the atmosphere of the entire room - inexpensively and conveniently.

Tape the glasses and the edges you don't want to paint. Remove the tapes immediately after painting, so the edge stays neat. For taping, use only high-quality tape intended for borders.

Painted gray door Smudge Frenchic Paint.

Photo: Painted gray door Smudge, Al Fresco Frenchic Paint.

Add moldings or slats to a standard slab door

Black painted door Blackjack Al Fresco Frenchic Paint.

Image: Black painted door Blackjack, Al Fresco Frenchic Paint.

This ordinary slab door has been turned into a mirror door with slats!

White painted door lime paint from the Al Fresco frenchic series.

Photo: Door and panels painted pure white Dazzle Me! With a shade from the Al Fresco series.

Choose a shade

All shades of the Frenchic series are conveniently available on this page .

For painting doors, stairs, moldings and railings from the Frenchic Paint series, you can choose a shade from these series:

Lazy Range , waxy chalk paint for indoor use

Al Fresco , for outdoor and indoor use

Trim Paint ; molding and door paint for interior use

Painting the stairs

Allow time for painting the stairs, especially if the stairs are used daily.

You can divide the painting project into parts and thus make it easier to use the stairs during the painting project.

You can also leave the beautiful wood surface exposed and only paint the sides and railings.

Painted wooden stairs gray Smudge Al Fresco Frenchic Paint Finland.

The stairs, railings and doors in the picture are painted with the Smudge shade from the Al Fresco series.

Allow time for preparations

Remember to do the same preparations when painting the stairs as in other painting projects: wash the surfaces to be painted clean and rinse the detergent off the surfaces.

Look at the clean surface: do you want to putty the dents and scratches before painting?

Remove the hooks, nails, etc. and tape the boundaries of what you don't want to paint or if you use two different shades. When taping, use high-quality tape and only tape a dry paint surface. Remove the tapes as soon as possible after painting.

Green painted wooden stairs in Wise Old Sage shade from the Frenchic Paint series.

Image: Green: Wise Old Sage shade and white: Dazzle Me! shade.

With a narrow little roller, you can quickly apply the primer, you may need a brush for trimming and finishing. Choose a high-quality tape for stripes and borders.

Follow the drying times

Remember to follow the drying times of the paint series you use also between painting layers, following the instructions has a significant effect on the durability of the paint surface.

Allow the paint to dry in peace for the first 48 hours before careful use, and after that use the surfaces carefully for about three weeks - until then, the paint is still fresh and has not yet reached its final hardness.

It is recommended to add the matte surface ' Tuff Top Coat ' of the Frenchic series to the stairs to protect the paint surface from hard wear. TTC is also good for protecting painted floor surfaces.

Treat and wash painted surfaces only with very mild detergents. Spot painting is a normal maintenance procedure if the paint surface is scratched.

Painted stair railings, gray Smudge and white Dazzle Me!

Photo: Painted stair railings, gray Smudge and white Dazzle Me!

gray and white painted wooden stairs Frenchic Paint Finland.

Combine wooden surfaces with painted ones

Frenchic series waxes are suitable for reprocessing wooden surfaces, from which you can choose from four different shades. Read more about Frenchic natural waxes and the use of waxes in the Blogs.

Painted pine stairs with black Blackjack Frenchic Paint

Photo: Painted pine stairs in black Blackjack, from the Al Fresco series.

The most difficult thing is choosing the color, here is a playful suggestion to make the choice easier

Horoscope and colors Frenchic Paint

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