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The autumn holiday was especially awaited in our family this year. We had already agreed on this exciting and colorful painting collaboration with the warm-hearted Minna of Frenchic Paint well in advance. After that, I don't think a day went by that my girls and I weren't looking at color charts, comparing and thinking about the perfect shades, and thumbing through the coolest looking patterns.

When I asked you on my Instagram account at the beginning of the week, many of you were "born with a brush in hand" series, which is awesome. I myself, unfortunately, do not belong to this series... If you don't count the balcony railings that were painted as a maintenance measure, the last time I painted bigger while waiting for the pit - and he is already in first grade 😀

When we moved to our current home in the spring of 2017, we had outsiders do a quick renovation. The most important objects in this renovation were our girls' future rooms, where the accent wallpaper was far from our taste (urban wallpaper...). We painted the walls only with painter's white and thought that our daughters, who were 2 and 4 years old at the time, would get to choose the color of their own room a little later .

Well, it took almost five years! But now the joy was many times over - and the tone choices were also thought out in more detail.

Frenchic Paint chalk paints in a nutshell

  • Founded in the UK in 2014, now the fastest growing chalk paint brand with hundreds of retailers internationally.
  • Received the prestigious British recognition award , the "Queen's Award" mark in 2020. The mark is awarded to few and selected innovative and high-quality brands.
  • Started from the passion of restoring old furniture and the goal to promote recycling and the DIY spirit.
  • High-quality lime and mineral paints are available in more than 70 different shades ! (You other color lovers too: enjoy these color charts! <3)
  • Paints are only sold in small businesses , such as brick-and-mortar stores, not in chains or supermarkets. In addition, the products are on sale in Frenchic's own online store .
  • The paints are particularly well-known for their easy and pleasant paintability and excellent hiding power. (We sign this!)
  • The paints do not contain VOC compounds, toxins or solvents .
  • As a special addition, after strict testing, the paints have been found to be safe even for small children's furniture and toys .

Painting beautiful gingerbread edges easily with Frenchic products

We fell in love with the gingerbread borders we saw on social media and decided to take a sneak peek at Christmas during the autumn holidays: gingerbread, which will be beautiful even in the heat of next summer. We made slightly different gingerbread borders for both girls' rooms with Frenchic Chalk Wall Paint. From the wide range of options , the first-born baby chose Bon Bon's pink for her own room, and the dimple baby 's Sweetcheeks' pink .

In addition to the two gingerbread borders, I used a slightly freer hand to paint the upper corner of the sun dome ceiling with the yellow of Hot As Mustard's waxy chalk paint selection. YEP, that's how much the yellow one was able to take along on the trip 😊

The paints and all the supplies needed for the painting workshop were delivered very quickly: the products ordered late on Wednesday evening were already available on Friday at noon! This fast service is said to be a matter of the heart for Frenchic.

We had set aside a whole day for painting, but this project took our family of four only about six hours, including drying time. This was a really nice way to spend an autumn holiday together and enjoy the marks of their hands!

"I'm so excited that I'm talking nonsense!"


The final results exceeded all our expectations! "Whoah!" was heard from one mouth several times during the day. The shade choices were perfect for our daughters and their rooms became even more of their look with this change.

"This is much more wonderful than I thought! I always feel like going to admire my very own new wall!"


Do it yourself: 12 steps to a cheery gingerbread border

  1. Choose the wall you want and decide what kind of gingerbread border you want on it (from the bottom up or the other way around – maybe a streamer-like one, like our bump?)
  2. Wash the wall, rinse and dry carefully. We used Frenchic Sugar Soap for washing, which cleaned the dirt effectively.
  3. Protect the adjacent walls and floor.
  4. Draw a straight line to the height you want, from which the up or down gingerbread pattern will come.
  5. Choose a round mold of a suitable size (when painting the border of the ceiling, cut a half-circle mold from the cardboard).
  6. Draw a gingerbread border using the template. Note! Start drawing from the "parade edge", i.e. the edge that can be seen better or is more beautiful in terms of interior design (the shape will probably remain unfinished and the unfinished design will thus remain on a less important side of the wall).
  7. Paint the edge of the gingerbread border with a really small brush. For example, a children's watercolor brush fits well.
  8. Paint the inner parts with a slightly larger brush. We used an XS size brush for this.
  9. If you're painting a larger wall surface, like we did in our first-born room, it's worth painting it with an XL brush or roller, so the paint mark will be smoother.
  10. Let the first coat dry for 2 hours.
  11. Paint another layer. Also let it dry for 2 hours.
  12. Remove the protective papers and tapes - enjoy the trace of your hands!

Do you already have experience with these paints? And what nice new painting project do you have planned next?

Wishing you joy and light,


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