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Marbling is a great way to unleash your creativity!

Different layers and painting techniques are nice projects. Combine your own tools with this marbling instruction, and you will get a personalized end result.

Do a few practice pieces first and you'll get used to the tools.

Wonderful marble is a beautiful surface in interior design, and with these instructions you can make an authentic-looking, wonderful surface easily on almost any surface. Use colors and shades according to your taste. You can paint the stone surface with a greenish tone, gray or reddish.
With this technique, you can realize small and large surfaces. Start with a smaller training piece, such as a tray. You can marble the table top, kitchen cabinets or even an entire wall.

You need at least these for the project:

List of accessories:
  • 2-5 different shades of paint
  • Finishing Coat
  • Natural mushroom
  • A sturdy flat-headed wolf
  • A long stout bird feather
  • Dry cloth

Paint the base shade first

Start the project by painting the base as flat as possible, e.g. with a microfiber roller.
Marble surface with Frenchic Paint instructions Frenchic interior design blogs.
Paints from the Lazy Range or Al Fresco series are best suited for this purpose, as they have a feature that smoothes the surface beautifully while it is still drying. Let the base dry properly before starting the effect.
Learn painting techniques for furniture painting marbling Frenchic Blog.

Choose the tone of the patterns

Start making the pattern with diluted paint (do this in a separate cup).
  • 1/3 goal
  • 1/3 Finishing Coat
  • 1/3 Water
It is necessary to make the mixture so that the paint fades beautifully and does not leave strong edges, and the diluted paint gives you more time to work on the color.
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Sketch with sponge and canvas

Dip the natural sponge into the diluted paint mixture, and start dabbling it randomly on the primed surface. Also leave empty spots to keep the surface lively.
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Take a dry cloth and fold it into a tight package, which you use to squeeze out the largest amount of water from the color spots. Turn the fabric as it gets wet so that the colors don't spread too much. Dabbing is the key word here, because rubbing and wiping does not leave a natural stone-like effect.
You can use this same technique to add another or more shades on top of each other if you want! At this point, there is no need to wait for the paint to dry, as the mixing of colors on the surface can even create wonderful new dimensions on the surface.

With natural melt

When you are satisfied with the texture of the base, take a stout natural feather, the end of which you dip again into the diluted paint mixture.
Marble surface with Frenchic Paint instructions Frenchic Blogit.
Start to lightly slide the feather on the surface, making "cracks". Also use to your advantage moving the feather sideways, and try what kind of mark you get when you press the feather harder or lighter. By moving a bit back and forth, or by making branching sections. This is a wonderful stage!
Marble surface with Frenchic Paint instructions Frenchic Blogit.

With a brush

When you have created an effect on the surface with the melt, take a sturdy dry cloth and use it to vigorously dab from top to bottom. You can see how the paint blends and fades beautifully on the surface. If a part is too strong, you can also dab away the excess with a rag, or lightly spray water on it.
Marble surface with Frenchic Paint instructions Frenchic Blogit.
Watch and review the final result after it dries, and you can still add colors using the same techniques. If a spot still looks too strong, fade the spot by dabbing a diluted base shade over it.
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Finish the dry surface

You definitely also want to properly protect the surface you've made. For this purpose, use the Finishing Coat, which you apply to the entire surface with the soft white side of the heart sponge. A few thin layers are good and you get a wonderful shine, 3-4 layers give a good, moisture-resistant surface.
For a matte finish, you can also use Tuff Top Coat or wax.
One more tip for this - you can also tint the Finishing Coat again with a very small drop of paint, so that the colors come out even more vividly in the final result.
Marble surface with Frenchic Paint instructions Frenchic Blogit.
Marbling is easier than you think, start boldly and dare to be creative.
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Marble surface with Frenchic Paint instructions Frenchic Blogit.
Have a nice painting day!
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