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Matte black - the credit color for interior design and clothing

The red thread of the uniform interior can be found in the neat and elegant matte black shade.

In small doses, strong and powerful black balances and gives a beautiful background to a light home.

Black is more interesting than you think!

The black shade is an easy and functional decoration shade, because you can easily combine it with other, for example, seasonal shades.

We dare to say that the Frenchic series contains the best matte black paint you've ever used!

How do you use black in your interior?

A touch of black gives a luxurious impression and elevates the basic look of even old furniture to a classic one.

For example, try to paint only the body of the chest of drawers with matte black and leave the front panels of the drawer on the wooden surface.

If you want to emphasize the shapely legs of the furniture or the clean architectural lines, the black shade does it in a refined way.

Classic black is also a safe choice in a boho-style home together with natural materials such as linen, rattan and other wooden surfaces.

Black and metallic tones

When painting old furniture matte black, try sprinkling a little gold or copper on the edges.

The color black works perfectly with different metal tones. You can find examples of different implementations on the Frenchic blogs and in the series' own FB group.

You will surely be surprised how the black shade makes old-fashioned furniture so easily modern!

Black wall?

A great background for greenery, graphics and other art. Matt black is the perfect choice for a graphic, modern interior.

Black Forest, the new wall paint shade works when you want to create a luxurious boutique atmosphere in the bedroom or living room.

With black, you add everyday luxury to the interior

Try Frenchic and the black Loof or Blackjack series and fall in love with the wonderful and perfectly smooth matte surface.

Black apothecary dresser painted with Blackjack chalk paint from the Frenchic Paint series.

Picture: Orange hidden - an old pine apothecary chest painted in Blackjack black.

The deep, black shade can be found in two different series. Loof is an indoor furniture chalk paint from the Lazy Range series and Blackjack is an even blacker shade from the Al Fresco series.

Black Blackjack from the Frenchic series bed painting.
In the picture, the bed frame is painted in Blackjack tone, from the Al Fresco series.

Are you painting a wardrobe or a cupboard?

Try painting the inside of the cabinet black, it nicely emphasizes the things stored in the cabinet - dishes, linens or retro fabrics. Here you will find useful tips and tricks for painting cabinets.

The outside of the closet can be lighter, a good combination is, for example, Gustavian gray Swankypants and black Loof on the inside.

Black pots waxy black chalk paint Loof Frenchic Paint.
Pictured: Waxy chalk paint Loof, also suitable for painting kitchen furniture.

Black is in the kitchen

Modern kitchen furniture is now dark, even black. You can paint your old, wooden kitchen cabinets in a wonderful way with paints from the Frenchic series.

Take a look at inspiring project photos and shade options from the Frenchic series' own FB group and you will notice how many examples of painted kitchen cabinets from the group there are.

Also read my own blog post on the subject, tips for painting kitchen cabinets.

Painting the kitchen cabinets black chalk paint Al Fresco Blackjack Frenchic paint.

The perfect matte black is Frenchic

The paints of the Frenchic Paint series have completely new features, thanks to which you can get a wonderful, smooth surface easily!

Your painting objects can be stairs, railings, intermediate doors, walls, moldings or furniture.

Hallway mirror with black lime paint in Loof tone from the Frenchic series.

If you haven't tried our series before, choose the black Loof shade from the Lazy Range series.

The properties of Frenchic series paints have renewed furniture and renovation painting and make painting fun and the end result beautiful and durable.

Renovate your old furniture with shades from the Frenchic series - the end result is stylish and modern furniture, without the price tag of designer furniture.

Would you like to see what others have painted? Join the series' own FB group 'Frenchic Paint Finland' and get a peek into international and domestic homes and gardens.


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