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Read my story and how chalk painting completely took me away!

I'm Jenni, or jennijohannesunique.

Jenni Frenchic Blog

I started painting furniture after the birth of my first child, when I was looking for a high chair for him that would match our decor. I couldn't find one ready-made, so I decided to paint one myself from a wooden chair I found at the flea market.

As a result of this event, I must not have been away from a paint brush for more than a week at a time!

Painting became my own moment in the evenings, when I could do it, and I could do it from home. The spaces were cramped in the two-room apartment, but the inspiration and enthusiasm was even bigger than the spaces, and the living room was easily transformed with tarps into a painting studio and the balcony into a furniture store.

Since I was painting indoors, I also became interested in the non-toxicity and odorlessness of paints. I especially didn't want to expose the child to too much chemicals and strong scents. Chalk paint was ideal for this and actually a more interesting option.

I noticed that with chalk paint you can implement the most personal solutions. Consuming, shading, layering, crackling... I've tried everything, and learned along the way.

Jenni Frenchic Brand ambassador.

Image shade: Victory Lane, Al Fresco

You don't have to be a painter to be able to paint a wonderful result - you just need the courage to start, and a little time to read the instructions. Finding Frenchic paints has been a real lifesaver for my impatient nature! I want to get a finished surface quickly, without waiting days between drying layers. Lime paint, which has protective agents ready in the same can, also speeds up the work considerably.

The best paint brush in the Frenchic series, an oval brush.

My favorite tool is an oval brush

In the past, I had always messed with buying a brush, and chose the cheapest option in the store. Now I realize that I would have saved a lot of time too if I had invested in a decent brush at the beginning!

With an oval brush, you get a covering and even result faster than a flat brush, and they last longer if maintained - I recommend! The Detailing Brush set is also a standard part of my cabinet. With it, you can versatilely paint crevices that cannot be reached with a big brush, or make minute details.

Painting day is the best day of the week!

If I happen to have a day off at home, I always find myself accidentally painting something. Most recently, the family was surprised when the wall in the wardrobe had changed color. It's wonderful to look for inspiration on social media, which is full of ideas!

In a test mind, I have also painted vases, the edges of plates and everything small that would have otherwise probably ended up in the trash. I have also painted faded chair cover fabrics quite successfully. The feeling of winning often comes from turning someone else's trash into a treasure.

Frenchic Paint diy blog painting and interior design blog 2021.
Photo: milk coffee brown Moleskin, Frenchic wall paint shade

Choosing a color - wonderfully difficult

But I think it shouldn't be too much to think about.
Sometimes even the furniture itself directly tells you what color they need to wear. The idea doesn't always have to be ready, the best thing is to let the inspiration take you and you yourself will be surprised by the end result. If you've read my interview in Iltalehti, you know that it was precisely such "painting damage" that finally spurred me to become an entrepreneur. I have been able to paint absolutely fantastic projects for wonderful clients!
Interior design and painting blog Frenchic Paint Finland. 2
Interior design and painting blog Frenchic Paint Finland.
I've always been satisfied with the end result when I choose the shades according to the mood of the moment.

You can always repaint if the interior style changes!

I found myself decorating with beige and light blue, which are not really my favorite colors when listed suddenly, but together those shades create perfect harmony; warm and bohemian atmosphere! The shades of purple (Plum Pudding and Velvet Crush) have also found our home somewhat unexpectedly.
I'm also excited to mix paints together. I would like to share one tip with you - the classically elegant matte black Blackjack turns into soft velvet when you mix it with Hornblower blue.

The best thing is experimenting, different painting techniques and their combination

Lately I've been interested in decoupage - again. When I want to create something extra nice and interesting for the furniture, I use decoupage pictures, because they are quick and easy to attach with Finishing Coat.
Frenchic Paint diy blog painting and interior design blog 2021 Degoupage instructions.
Frenchic Paint diy blog painting and interior design blog 2021 Degoupage instructions.

You learn by doing

The glaze technique has also been a fun idea that I have received from others! In a nutshell: You just mix the paint with the Finishing Coat and you get a thinned paint mixture. Make a translucent and tinted surface with the mixture, which works really wonderfully on, for example, an oak surface. The grain of the wood comes out quite differently with this technique, looking like beautifully patinated wood - this easy technique also works on a new wood surface and very little paint is used.
Denim blue Hornblower Frenchic Paint Finland.
What about metallic shades - lovely and suitable for everything!
Mixing metallic shades is easy: a touch (or a good sprinkling) of metallic pigment and Finishing Coat and mixing - that's it! The metallic shades of FrenShee almost always belong to the furniture I paint, if I have the freedom to decide 😉 I often even use two different shades in the same piece of furniture! It's also worth trying them mixed with each other, so you can find new variations with a metallic luster.. Easily make champagne shade, olive, purple, rose gold and antique gold yourself.
Metallic paint Frenchic Paint.
It has been nice to meet like-minded 'do-it-yourself' people from the Frenchic painting group, as well as through instagram. Welcome to our growing team ! After all, it's always nice to talk about painting ❤️ !



It's wonderful and interesting to be part of creating Frenchic's story, and to be an ambassador of inspiration for ' do-it-yourself ' people.

- Jenni, Frenchic Paint Finland, Brand Ambassador

P.S ❤️ Follow my Instagram account @jennijohannesunique and see you in the Frenchic group !


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