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Read Jenn's story

Read my story and how the lime painting took me completely!

I am Jenni, or Jennijohannesunique.

Jenni FRENCHIC brand prompt.

I started painting your furniture after mystery of mystery when I look for a high chair that would suit our interior. Such was not ready for found, so I decided to paint a wooden chair found on the flea market itself.

As a result of this event, I have not stunned to be different from the paint pen at a time a week longer!

The painting came in the evenings for my own moment when I got to do and I was able to do it by hand. The facilities were in the two-way, but inspiration and enthusiasm were the bigger room and the living room changed with a presselor easily as a painting studio and a balcony with furniture inventory.

Since painted indoors, I also started to be interested in non-toxicity and unsecure. I did not want to expose, in particular, a child with admirable chemical curb and strong scents. The lime paint was for this ideal and in fact, an interesting option.

I noticed that the limestial paint can implement what more personalized solutions. Consumption, shading, laying, cracking ... I have tried everything, and learned it.

Jenni FRENCHIC brand prompt.

Image tone: Victory Lane, Al Fresco

You do not have to be a painter, in order to paint a stunning outcome - you only need the courage to start, and a small moment to read the instructions.Freate to find the frenchic paints has been to me to me, an impatient nature, actual rescue! I want to get ready to finish the surface quickly, without waiting for days between layers of drying. Also a lime paint with protective materials is ready in the same jar accelerates the work considerably.

The best paint franchic series of oval brush.

My favorite work is an oval pincer

I had previously coupled with the purchase of a brush, and selected the most advantageous option in the store. Now I realized that I would have saved the time too if I had to get started with a decent pencil!

The oval brush gets a flattening and smooth outcome faster than the flat brush, and they last for a longer service - I recommend!Detailing Brush set also includes a standard cabinet. It gets versatile painted gaps that do not have a big brush, or a small-scale detail of details.

The painting date is the best day of the week!

If I happened to be a day off at home, I always find myself inadvertently painting something. Last family surprised when the wall of the cloakroom had changed the color. The inspiration is wonderful to look for a social media that has ideas with your bottle!

In the test, I also painted the vases, the edges of the dish, and all the small, which would otherwise have been probably trapped. Also, the gutter of the chair-covering fabrics I have painted quite successfully. The winner will often come from the fact that it is done by another detriment of the treasure.

FRENCHIC Paint DIY Blog Painting and Interior Blog 2021.
Photo: Milk coffee brown molaskin, frenchic wall paint

Color choice - wonderfully difficult

But I think it does not like too much to stay.
Between the furniture itself, they are just about what color they miss. The idea does not have to be ready to always be ready, the best thing is to give inspiration to export and surprise you from the outcome. If you have read my interviews from Iltalehti, you know that just such "painting damage" finally bored at the entrepreneur. I've got to paint absolutely mood for great projects for great customers!
Decoration and painting blog FRENCHIC Paint Finland. 2
Decoration and painting blog FRENCHIC Paint Finland.
I once had a satisfaction with the outcome when I choose the shades according to the current file.

Always can paint again if the interior style changes!

I noticed my decoration on Beige and light blue, which are not suddenly listed listed in my favorite colors, but together with the shades, they create a complete harmony; Warm and bohem's atmosphere! Violet shades (Plum Pudding and Velvet Crush) have also found our home a little surprisingly.
I am also excited to mix the paints with each other. One tip I want to share with you - a classic stylish matte blackjack becomes soft velvet as you mix it on the hornblower blue.

The best thing is to try, different painting techniques and their combination

Last time I'm enthusiastic about decoupagge - again. When I like to create something extra nice and interesting for the furniture, I use decoupage pictures as they are fast and easy to attach to Finishing COAT.
Frenchic Paint DIY Blog Painting and Interior Blog 2021 DegouPage Help.
Frenchic Paint DIY Blog Painting and Interior Blog 2021 DegouPage Help.

By making a learner

Also, lawing technology has been a fun idea that I have received from others! Briefly like this: You only mix the paint to Finishing Coat - finishing coating and you will get a thinned navigation. Make a translucent and tinted surface with a mixture that works really great on the surface eg. Wood reproduction appears to come up with this technique, looks like a beautiful patinized tree - this easy technology also works for a new wooden surface and the paint is only spent on a super.
Frankin 'Hornblower Frenchic Paint Finland.
What about metal plates - lovely and fit everything!
Metal plate blend is easy: a touch (or a decent lray) metal pigment and finishing coat and a blend - it's in it! Frenshee's metal plates are almost without exception to my paint furniture if I get the freedom to decide 😉 Often I use up to two different tones in the same furniture! It is also worth trying them mixed with each other, so find new metallic variations. Make yourself easy to make the shade of shampoo, olive, purple, rose and antique.
Metal paint Frenchic Paint.
It has been nice to meet like a like-minded 'tee-it-themselves' people from the French of the FRENCHIC Painting Group, and through Instagram. Welcome to our growing mass! Painting is namely A-I-N-A-❤️!



It is gorgeous and interesting to be involved in creating a frenchic story, and be an inspiration for messenger 'do it yourself'

- Jenni, Frenchic Paint Finland, Brand Affairs

P.S.❤️Enable tracking my Instagram account @jennijohannesunique and meet In the FRENCHIC group!


Jenni Johannes

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