Greens, blues and turquoises

Embrace the serenity of calm blue and the freshness of lush green as you explore our carefully curated selection.

Matte, powdery and velvety Frenchic shades are the perfect choice when you want to combine a painted surface with colorful wallpapers or bring the charm of traditional shades to the premises of an old building.

Whether you want to create a calming oasis or bring a touch of natural beauty to your space, our selection of shades and finishes will capture your imagination.

From deep ocean blues to fresh mint greens, each shade is carefully designed to evoke a sense of harmony and youth. You can read more about the color green here.

Give your creativity the freedom to choose the endless possibilities that these enchanting colors can bring to your home - for your walls, furniture or art projects. Read more about the color blue here.

Dive into our collection and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of blue and green!

Get inspired by hundreds of Frenchic project photos and videos on our social channels !

We make every effort to ensure that the shades in the online store correspond as closely as possible to the correct shades, but the shades may vary on different devices depending on several factors, such as screen settings. This means that we cannot guarantee that the paint shade will be exactly what you see on the screen. We always recommend trying the shade in the space and surface it was intended for before a larger project - order a small jar for testing or visit your nearest retailer to see the colors for yourself. Take over useful instructions and tips here.

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