Crackling agent Easy Crackle

Cracked paint surface - Easy Crackle

Crackling agent Easy Crackle product is used to create cracking, i.e. a cracked paint surface, together with paint. Easily turn new furniture into an old and charming one. Crackling agent works with all Frenchic paints, including wall paints. You can also try Frenshee metallic paints as a primer for crackling.

Here's how you do it : With the first layer of color, you define the color of the crack, and the second layer creates the overall tone of the object to be painted. So the cracker comes between the two layers of paint. The cracking reaction starts as soon as you apply the paint on the dried crackling agent, take care not to cover up newly formed cracks with a back-and-forth movement. Easy and successful every time!

You can also make crackling by using the same shade underneath and on top. You can find inspiring technique videos, pictures and tips in the Frenchic series' own FB group ' Frenchic Paint Finland'

This Frenchic product is also EN71:3 certified; European Toy Safe standard.

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