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From the furniture you can easily make personal and gorgeous!

Try the new products for finishing painted furniture: large stamps, decoupage sheets or transfers! Lift your painted furniture to the next level and make them unique artwork.

For shopping you can reach this link and these products are delivered to you separately and can only be ordered here: Pappila's Sunday Shop online store - without shipping costs!

Large transfers are attached without adhesives and are easily customizable by cutting. Protect and complete the transfer image according to consumption. Use a soft frenchic series of natural waxes or bright and glossy drying Finishing Coat'a. In the picture Wild Flowers.


Transfers can be attached to wood, glass, metal - even in the fabric. In the picture Lady Shalott - rose.

Paint your home water for coloring and finish with stunning metal with trunks!

Large decoupage sheets easily attach Finishing Coat with a soft sponge. In the picture SchoolgirlToughen out of stock. You can also finalize the surface with waxes. Use soft natural breasts such as frenchc series waxes. DecouPage sheets You can attach to wooden furniture or leather.

More pictures and products you will find Pappila Sunday Shop.


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