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Here are easy tips on how to make the space interesting with small changes

If you don't know where to start, take advantage of the small and effective change tips from interior design professionals that you can apply in all spaces in your home or workplace.

Feel free to use your own favorite colors and start the change one space at a time.

Combine one ordinary with one special

🟠If you have a regular bed, get special reading lights

🟠An ordinary bedroom? Paint the ceiling of the room with your favorite color

🟠Color in the children's room restrained - paint the floor of the Children's room green or pink!

🟠If you have an ordinary kitchen island, combine it with great chairs

🟠Boring bathroom - invest in personalized and fun towels

🟠An ordinary dining table? Hang an interesting lamp over the table or paint the frame of the table with bold color

Views are important

When you look around the room, you should find interesting elements there, ones that you don't see everywhere - something that catches your eye.

View the views of your home from different rooms, but possibly also from the outside -
what can be seen inside from the window, what is the view directly opposite when viewed from the front door?

What is the view like from the rooms whose doors are kept open in everyday life? What color is the farthest wall that can be seen?

With these tips, you will make the space planned and unique.

🟠You can make an interesting change with colors

Blue sofa, blue on the carpet and blue on the board behind the sofa.
Paint the walls of the living room with blue and the ceiling of the hall with the same shade. Also paint the moldings and doors with the tone of the wall.

In addition, pick up an effect color that you only use as a spice - but repeatedly in different rooms - the effect color can vary, for example, according to the seasons.

For example, warm terracotta works in winter and autumn in pillows or in a snooze blanket - It is easy and inexpensive to change the textiles to a lighter shade in the spring.

The background of the interior can be a third shade that has been used together with the main color - replace all white surfaces with a shade, try light brown, pastel pink or off-white instead of white.

A painted shade was always used to combine the color, so that there is not just a white wall next to it.

Learn more about combining colors in this article.

🟠You can do it with shapes

Repeat one selected shape in several elements, throughout the home.

Use a grid

Edge and attitude: Make a grid mirror wall in the hallway or living room and repeat the grid theme, for example, in the form of the living room coffee table or in the kitchen lighting. Paint a checkered floor in the hallway or kitchen. Make a checkered panel wall from mdf strips for the hallway or toilet.

Use round and organic shapes

Gentle shapes: Mirrors, carpets, living room coffee table... This style is especially suitable for boho and retro style interior.

Use vertical lines

Linearity: Make a slatted or slatted wall in the kitchen and a slatted strip on the wall behind the TV in the living room. Place boards in vertical lines. Get a heavily striped rug. Paint a thick stripe of color on one wall...

Other decorator tips to test

  • Try the ancient use of pairs and introduce symmetry that is easy on the eye.

  • Make wholes out of furniture, boards and decorations - gather together, don't scatter.

  • Do it yourself: weave, sew, build, join or cut in half, renovate - tune and paint.

  • Get rid of the unnecessary and get a new used one.

  • Rethink lighting .

  • Bring humor into the interior!

I hope this gave you a new idea for renovating your home!
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