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Short instructions for painting kitchen cabinets

Supplies for painting kitchen cabinets

Brushes, tape, sanding accessories, powerful detergent and paint


The consumption of paint depends on many factors, but even for a large kitchen, 2 - 3 x 750ml Frenchic is often enough, regardless of the series.

If you paint a dark surface white or vice versa, the paint consumption may be higher than usual, due to the large difference in tone. Reserve one gray shade for the first layer.

These factors affect the process, among others: careful mixing of the paint, compliance with the drying interval of the layers, shade difference between the base and the selected shade, painting equipment and painting technique.

Read here about the need for primer.

We recommend a test painting so that you can become yourself with the paint and tools before a larger project.

Also think about whether you want to paint the interior parts, moldings or ends of kitchen cabinet doors and drawers.

Menekki also has a big impact if you decide to paint the inside of the cabinets or paint with a sprayer.

You can choose a shade for painting the kitchen cabinets from the Trim Paint, Al Fresco or Lazy Range series. This will take you directly to the shades.

Brushes, tape and effective detergent

You can do the painting with a brush or a roller - often both are a good purchase.

You also need an effective degreasing detergent, for example Sugar Soap, and a sanding sponge if you roughen the surfaces by hand.

Also stock up on high-quality marking tape if the cabinets have glass doors, silicone edges and you want to mark the edges, hinges or moldings.

You can get the accessories here.

If you don't change the pulls or levels, then you don't need anything else!

You can see the new pulls here.

However, take a look at our customers' wonderful pictures of completed kitchen cabinet painting projects, and you'll get good ideas for your own work!

Here you can take a peek at our FB group.

We highly recommend reading the longer instructions for painting kitchen cabinets here.

Plan your project execution schedule and a calm drying time.

Ask your friends to join you in painting workshops - working together is nice!

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