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A corner cabinet or glass display case is a good whitewash project

If you are thinking about painting your own furniture, here you will find useful instructions and tips on how to do it!

Wooden corner cabinets are a bit like those wall roses in the home - sturdy and solid wood - durable furniture - but still a bit colorless for today's interiors.

Try to paint a boring closet with a splash of cheerful color and a source of pride for your home!

You get to try out different painting techniques and you can personalize the cabinet with wallpaper, stencil patterns, metallic tones, various tassels and other decorations or even lights!

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Dusky Blush

First, prepare the cabinet for painting and wash it with Sugar Soap or a similar furniture detergent.

You'll notice how stubborn dirt and grease come off even a seemingly clean surface. Wipe off the detergent residue with a clean rag and examine the surface.

Do you want to patch the scratches and dents, or do you let them remain to emphasize the age and history of the furniture?

Roughen the surface lightly with a sanding pad and wipe off the sanding dust. Remove the shelves, knobs and tape any edges of the glass.

Paint the first layer with a waxy lime paint intended for painting furniture.

Steel Teal, Frenchic Paint

The first layer is not meant to be covering or perfect.

Is your cabinet dark brown and now you want to paint it white or a light shade? When the shade difference between the base and the selected shade is large, several layers of paint may be needed.

Here's a good tip that saves time and paint: Paint the first layer with gray paint - it refracts the dark tone and you can get by with fewer white layers.

Did you mix the paint carefully?

Let the paint coat dry according to the instructions, at least two hours before the next one.

The number of paint layers depends on the chosen painting technique and the base color of the furniture to be painted.

You need at least two layers for an even, smooth surface.

Decorate and Finish boldly

Attach colorful wallpaper or thin fabric to the back panel of the cabinet with Finishing Coat and highlight beautiful details, decorations, pulls or legs with Frenshee - metal pigment shades.

The Finishing Coat dries clear and its application with a sponge is convenient. You can also apply a thin layer of it on top of the wallpaper, it protects the paper surface.

Maybe you want to try colored wax over the wallpaper?

Brown wax makes the surface look old and patinated.

Remove the tapes immediately after painting, and the borders will remain sharp.

At this stage, it is good to go through possible places that need repainting - look at the furniture from all sides, think about how you will place the furniture - is the background or the main part visible? Do the necessary repainting.

If you want to make a Shabby Chic-style surface , sand the chalk paint surface lightly from the edges and corners. Finally, wax the furniture.

Add battery-powered led lights to the cabinet and a beautiful tassel or other decoration to hang on the key!

Remember to take before and after photos! You can share them in the Frenchic series' own Fb group. Join here!

So what do you need?

  • Detergent, e.g. Sugar Soap and a rough sponge.

  • A sanding sponge or sandpaper for roughening the surface

  • On the basis of a gray tone, if you paint from dark to light

  • Your choice of a high-quality lime paint shade intended for painting furniture, for example Trim Paint, Lazy Range or Al Fresco from the series

  • Finishing Coat if you attach wallpaper or fabric to the furniture inside the box or on the back wall of the furniture.

  • A kitchen sponge or Frenchic's own heart sponge for applying the Finishing Coat

  • Frenshee's metallic tone , if you paint the cabinet with funny golden legs

  • A piece of wallpaper if you want to attach it to the back wall of the furniture or the inner bottom of the drawers

  • Wax , if you sand the chalk paint surface open and make wears.

  • A high-quality brush, for example an M size oval brush

  • Battery-powered lights and decoration for the key

  • Protective paper under the furniture to protect the floor

  • High-quality demarcation tape to demarcate glasses and edges

  • A screwdriver, if you remove knobs, pulls, etc

  • Protective gloves (and glasses), painting clothes

  • Paint mixing sticks

  • Clean water for washing and wiping

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