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Have you wondered how all 4 different Frenchic Paint paint sets differ from each other?

Which paint series is best for painting kitchen cabinets, walls or furniture?


In this short guide you will find basic information about our series.

The Frenchic series has four different paint series, all of which have their own characteristics. There are dozens of color shades in our series, each series has its own.

You can mix and match all Frenchic shades and sets.

Read here also our customers' experiences and feedback about the Frenchic series.

Lazy Range - waxy chalk paint

This award-winning innovation is extremely popular thanks to its new features!

If you have previously thought that chalk paint is not durable or practical, now is the time to try the award-winning Lazy Range series!

This matte paint series is a completely new type of water-based, durable and wax-containing chalk paint for furniture painting, chalk paint without VOCs.

Lazy Range, waxy chalk paint has been developed and tested specifically for painting wooden furniture, and no other protection for the paint surface is needed anymore.

The wax feature is already ready in this paint and it gives the matte surface a beautiful look, an even finish and a durable surface. This waxy chalk paint is pleasant to paint, the wax in the paint makes your painting experience completely new!

Lazy Range shades are durable and an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets, furniture or children's toys. Check out our FB group to see what enthusiastic Frenchic fans have painted with our paints!

If you haven't tried our Frenchic paints before, we recommend starting with this series. You will surely fall in love with the high-quality Frenchic paints!

The Lazy Range and Al Fresco series are also the choice of professional painters for painting furniture.

This paint series is suitable for painting indoors on wood, laminate, composite and metal. This award-winning paint of ours is also certified in the safe Frenchic style.

Al Fresco - weatherproof lime paint for outdoor and indoor furniture

Al Fresco is Italian and means 'outside' or 'in the garden'

This new chalk paint is moisture-resistant, has a matte surface and was developed specifically for outdoor furniture, but is also suitable for indoor use.

Al Fresco paint series are intended for painting furniture and ceramic tiles, but come and see what else customers paint with the paints of the series: Join the inspiring ' Frenchic Paint Finland ' group on FB, where you can see many different Frenchic projects; painted kitchens, bathrooms, decorative objects and wall surfaces!

Only paint outside furniture that you can keep protected from the weather during the winter. The low-VOC, water-soluble and matte paint is suitable for many surfaces: wood, laminate, metal or ceramic tiles .

All Frenchic series paints are also suitable for spray painting.

This Frenchic series is also certified in the familiar Frenchic style.

Chalk Wall Paint interior wall paint and interior paint

Luxury paint for decorators and renovators - test winner!

Our ultra-matte and velvety wall paint is of top quality and produced as a result of English traditions and know-how!

Richly pigmented and covering paint, also excellent for painting ceilings and panels, resulting in an ultra-matt and very smooth surface.

The durable matte surface is wipeable and breathable, and the powdery shades are suitable for many types of interior design - so it is also suitable for old buildings. Certified, so safe to use in all rooms of the home, including bedrooms and children's rooms.

Finally, we can proudly announce that according to official testing, Chalk Wall Paint can now also be recommended as a floor paint!

You can use Wall Paint on wood, concrete or laminate. Read detailed painting instructions here.

The luxurious, fully matte wall paint is of top quality and covering - you will surely love it!

A large 2.5L container is enough for about 36m2. Also for spray painting.

This Frenchic series is also certified in the familiar Frenchic style.

Frenchic wall paints have been awarded ISO11998 class 1 wet scrubbing classification.

Trim Paint strip paint and door paint in wall paint tones is also suitable for painting furniture and kitchen cabinets

Satin shimmering molding paint and door paint are a great pair for wall paint

You should also try this series for furniture or kitchen cabinets.

With Trim Paint, the paint surface becomes very durable and you can paint wood, stone and metal with it. Trim Paint is the only Frenchic series with a slightly glossy finish.

Applications: furniture, kitchen cabinets, radiators, stairs and railings, intermediate doors, moldings and frames.

For indoor use, Ample 500ml size.

This Frenchic series is also certified in the familiar Frenchic style.

Do you want to see what others have painted with chalk paints from the Frenchic series?

You get to peek into international homes and gardens in the 'Frenchic Paint Finland' group and see a lot of good interior painting ideas and color combinations

In the group, you get to see the latest interior design trends from around the world, you can participate in the group's raffles and you will be the first to hear about the new products of the Frenchic series.

Join the FB group together with your decorating, building and renovating friends!

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