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How do you paint ceramic tiles - video

Painting of ceramic tiles

The FRENCHIC Paint series chemists have completed tests in England to paint ceramic tiles. Finally, we can officially inform that ceramic tiles can be painted With al fresco series paints!

However, not standing in the regions of the water

Note, however, that areas with high moisture content or standing water should be avoided. For example, showers, sinks or tiled area around the bathtub where water can stay standing and a kitchen cabinet intermediate space where the stove is in front of the painting area and the cooking is caused by hot steam, and the cooking.

Washing and cleaning is important before painting

Careful preparations and bottom work are always the key to a successful outcome.
Clean the surface and seams from home, dirt and grease frenchic Sugar SoapWash, Finally, rinse / wipe with clean water cleaner from the surfaces. Silicone and seals should be replaced with new, not painted. Bio tile surface lightly to get infected with the paint. You do not tap a fresh paint surface.

Paint lightly, thin layers with a brush or roller

Paint the first layer waiting for two hours before another spreading. Too thick layers may hinder durability, and the paint layers are not dried in time within the time of the manufacturer.

Handle the painted surface by gentle

Cleaning Use mild detergents and avoid steam cleaning, rubbing and powerful chemicals such as descaling and bleaching agents. If a pointed surface drops a sharp object, the paint can be linked. In this case, the placeplaying is a normal remedy.

Reserve time for the project

Schedule your painting project so that the paint has the opportunity to dry in peace first 48h before commissioning. Handle the painted surface with caution for two to three weeks, making the paint sufficiently. Moisture resistance arises from two intact painful membrane.

Al Fresco is not suitable for the inner surfaces of baths, shower boats, sinks or countertops. Not to waxed or oiled tiles.The paint can not be used as a waterproofing.

Al Fresco is not a certified wet room paint, rather than floorcoat.

Watch the video how can ceramic tiles be painted

To increase infection, you can put a layer or a pair of Finishing Coat under the paint layers as well as the dry paint surface to increase gloss. Finishing Coat is added to the sponge and it dries to a glorious and glossy. The surface of splash water is resistant.

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