How do I choose the best brushes for chalk painting furniture?

It's really easy to achieve great results - especially when you know how!

Whether you are planning to renovate an old chest of drawers in a shabby chic style or paint a decorative mirror bold and personal, chalk paint / high-quality chalk paint intended for furniture painting is a good alternative compared to traditional paints.

Chalk paint, which has become more and more popular, is easy to apply, it dries quickly and you get a wonderful, finished surface. You can give your whole home a brand new look; for walls, furniture and decorations!

As a relatively new product on the market, chalk paint can have many questions about its use - especially the best ways to apply the paint and the best brushes for painting furniture with chalk paint. It's really easy to achieve great results with Chalk Paint - especially when you know how! To make it easier for you to decide what kind of brushes to choose for furniture painting work, we put together a few points for you on how to choose the best brushes for your project. Enjoy painting and find your own style!

How do I choose my brush?

You may have seen how people paint with all kinds and shapes of brushes on painting videos. However, if you want the best possible end result, it is important to use a brush specifically intended for chalk painting, rather than the usual 'one-size-fits-all' supermarket brush.

  • Form

Traditionally, the best brush shape for chalk paint is an oval shape. An oval-shaped brush is used for painting and a round, stiffer brush for waxing. Oval brushes come in different sizes; the smallest ones are well suited for small projects, while the largest ones are at their best when painting a wall, for example.

Narrow corners, decorative wooden furniture; chairs and mirrors - for these projects you need narrow brushes like Detailing Brushes. Wide brushes are suitable for projects where you paint large and flat surfaces with long brush strokes.

  • Bristle

Brushes use two types of bristles - synthetic and natural bristles. Both are good for chalk painting, so we combined them with the same brush. A carefully thought out mixture of synthetic and natural brush gives the best possible final result when painting furniture.

  • Brush width

When choosing a brush, you will notice that there are brushes of many sizes. You can see the width of the brushes in the Frenchic series, but we have also named the oval brushes to make your choice easier: XL is the largest oval Frenchic brush - it is perfect for painting large surfaces, such as painting walls. The M size is a medium-sized oval brush and is suitable for common projects such as painting doors, cabinets and chests of drawers. The S size is well suited for painting chairs, frames and mirrors and the XS size is the smallest of all - it fits well in our smaller sample jar and for painting small projects and edges.

Does the choice of brush matter?

Choose the right tool for your project. If you are wondering how to get a beautiful and even surface, the most important thing is that you choose a high-quality brush or roller. Sometimes a cheap solution can be tempting, but the choice can backfire in the end result and you notice that the finish is not what you hoped for. The bristles that come off from cheaper brushes during a painting project can completely ruin the surface.

Can I use a regular brush for chalk painting?

Although there is no rule about the model of the brush, it is still worth considering quality rather than price. It is a pleasure to paint with a high-quality brush.

Maybe you would be tempted to use old brushes from storage or the garage? Worn, dirty and old brushes - their bristles do not give the same end result as high-quality brushes.

The oval brushes from the Frenchic Paint series, hand-picked in Italy, are made from a thoughtful blend of synthetic and natural bristles and are perfect for chalk paint.

How can I avoid brush marks in chalk painting?

You can achieve really wonderful results with chalk paint - especially if you know how. Whether you want a worn, personal Shabby Chic style or a perfectly beautiful and smooth surface - you can do all this with chalk paint.

This is how you prevent brush marks on the paint surface:

  • Sunlight – Do not paint in direct sunlight, then the paint dries far too quickly and can crack and brush marks are easily visible.
  • Too much paint in the brush - Do not dip the brush into the paint too deeply - just a light touch under the paint surface and paint with a light hand, long strokes. Paint layers that are too thick do not dry as the manufacturer intended, and Overpainting thick layers can ruin both layers. Always paint thin layers.
  • Water – A paintbrush moistened with water or a paint surface lightly moistened with a spray bottle may be your style. This style has a slight effect on drying and that means there are little or no brush marks left. Thinned paint can also be your technique, but of course it affects coverage. Always thin in another container, not in a paint can.
  • Light hand - do not press or rub the brush on the surface of the furniture if you want to avoid brush marks. Paint with a light hand.
  • Grinding –However, if brush marks remained on the surface, sand them off lightly, wipe the surface clean and paint again.
  • Brushes - High-quality brushes, made for chalk paint - try it and you'll notice the difference!
  • Practice - Experiment, have fun painting and be creative - Practice makes perfect!

Take care of your brushes

Wash the brush with warm water before use. Take good care of your beautiful and practical brush at the end of every painting project.

Wash the brushes immediately after use with warm (soap) water, rinse for a long time
until the water is clear and dry again horizontally or with the bristles facing down. Don't let the waxy paints harden on your brush - wash the brush also between layers of paint - with a clean brush the paint mark is beautiful. The paint is dipped into the brush only a little, to a height of about one centimeter - you don't dip the brush in the paint from the entire depth of the bristles!
The brush also likes brushing - a small metal brush (grill brush type) is well suited for the purpose and the brush also cleans well any paint spills on the stem.
Storing brushes in a container of water can rust the metal parts.
If you know you'll be painting a lot or several projects, choose the oval brushes from the Frenchic series - you'll definitely fall in love with their quality and never go back to regular brushes!

Easy And Effective Brushes For Chalk Painting

Finding the right paintbrushes for your project doesn't have to be difficult. At Frenchic Paint, we stock a range of Italian, handcrafted, Oval brushes for chalk paint. Made with a careful choice of natural and synthetic bristles, our brushes can absorb plenty of paint yet maintain their brilliant shape time after time.

With durable, affordable brushes that work best with chalk paint, we can help you skip the hassle of finding the right brushes. If you're planning on doing a lot of projects that require chalk painting, don't hang around. Grab a few of our brushes and get painting. We know that you'll enjoy using them as much as we do!

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