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FRENCHIC Guide & Painting Instructions

A few tips & painting instructions

These paintings are intended for you - We want to succeed - try and have fun with the FRENCHIC series!

Make your homes boldly selfish, use the shades you yourself like. Recycling conveyor, painting and renovating old furniture is a small eco-eco-conscious interior selection - always do not have to buy new.

White wall paint FRENCHIC Paint Finland.

Photo: Trim Paint, Yorkshire Rose tone

Painting, renovating or waiving old-fashioned furnishings, doors, lists and wall surfaces to get again beautiful and suitable for your home. Remember, you can always paint again if the traces of life appear on the paint surface or enjoy the beautifully worn surface.

Painting is fun and sometimes even therapeutic soothing - check out the frenchic series and enjoy the colors!

Blue paint FRENCHIC Paint Finland. Choose a shade of color scheme

Remember that the colors shown on your screen have been provided electronically and each screen plays the shades in its own way. Color experience also affects the surface of the material, its gloss and lighting and other adjacent shades. Colors should be explored in both horizontal surfaces that on vertical surfaces.

There are over 60 shades in the Frenchc series that are beautifully fit. You can also mix the shades of different series with each other. From the FB group you will find ready-made color receptacles.

All other FRENCHIC series paints are mattable except Trim Paint lists. They have a beautiful satin link. Trim Paint and wall paints Chalk Wall Paint shades are uniform. You can add a gloss to the surface of the matte frenchic paints easily by adding to the surface of Finishing Coat'A - it quickly dries into a fighter and durable surface.

Always select the final color if possible in the environment and under those circumstances to which the color is selected in one's light and shadows you can study the color of the color of the color. For this purpose, the frenchic series includes sample bars to make sure of the tone and covering easily.

If you are unsure of the suitability of the paint to your project, try first in a unnoticed place. At the same time, you get an idea of ​​coverness and paint ribbon for your project and ensured the correctness of the tone. The irregularity of the color tone can be corrected by adding a new layer of paint. If the tone difference is large between the surface to be painted and the selected tone, it may be that the paint layer is needed more than normal.

Inspires our customers' ideal pictures in our FB Group and you will see what the tone you choose shows in different lighting and different surfaces. Make a group search as a name of the tint, so you will get the result in the tint-painted furnishings.

Powder and pastel shades as matte surfaces resembling old inheritants and Frenchic shades are beautifully suitable for old buildings. For example, the wall paints of the Frenchic series are breathable and, of course, the FRENCHIC style serified.

The condition of the surface to be painted, the color and age affect the goal and wax's goal and the result - the finished furniture looks.

Many FRENCHIC dealer also have painted color schemes and templates that you can also get to your home. Practices vary - Ask your FRENCHIC dealer tips for choosing color.

Blue paint FRENCHIC Paint Finland. Select Tools

Do not spare the brush selection. Painting with a clean, clean and intimidated brush or roller is nice and tracered prime. The choice of old and dirty tools can cause epiconist painting and too thick paint layers. Thick paint or wax layers do not dry the manufacturer in time and weaken the surface consumption resistance. Read more about the selection of a brush Blogs.

Blue paint FRENCHIC Paint Finland. Observe drying times

Painting is a fast and comfortable roof - but also remember to give the process time - especially for drying layers. Do not overproduce the paint layers in the drying process with unnecessary mechanical stress, for example with small repair paintings - it can ruin the main level and the lower layer at the same time and the surfaces must be grinded evenly before re-painting. The drying spacing of Al Fresco series of paints is at least 2 hours and the Lazy Range series at least one hour under normal conditions.

Blue paint FRENCHIC Paint Finland. Prepare a furniture for painting

When you start the project, prepare the furniture for the painting condition. Take the equipment to raise and protect the furniture environment - start cleaning.

Always paint only a pure surface. Shiny and slippery surfaces as well as hard-consuming surfaces should be roughed before painting to have a good gripping surface. The French Paint series paints are water-soluble and repel dirt, oil and grease. From FRENCHIC Blogs, you get more tips for preparing and using different painting techniques.

The surface to be painted must be dry and clean. Clean detergents and residues, greases, waxes and decelers from the surface before painting. By painting a dirty or moist surface, the paint does not stick to his substrate and begins with darkening and cracks quickly.

Blue paint FRENCHIC Paint Finland. Paint thin layers - not too thin though.

Thick paintings hamper durability and they do not dry in normal time. For example, the alfresco series of paints must be allowed to dry for two hours between the paintings. When you paint a dark pale (or vice versa) the paint layers are required to be more than usual.

This is a good tip: paint the first layer of gray - it folds the red and brown bottom plate right away and gets less white floors. The coverage also affects the paint's careful mix before and during the beginning of the painting work. Drying layers - I give the layers to dry in peace according to the instructions (AL FRESCO 2H and LAZY RANGE MIN 1H). With too thin paint layers you will have to paint certainly several layers before covering and smooth surface.

Let the paint dry rather than too long if you are unsure.
You will find a drying time on the side of the paint pool - read it always before painting.

If you paint the floor, you can not put the furniture in place the next day - let the paint dry at least 48h floor - or longer if the paint layers are more than two. Gently treat the painted floor surface for the first week - adds to the legs of the furniture felt and wash the surface with only mild detergents. Do not use scratchy or abrasive cleaning means or powerful detergents or vapor cleaning in the painted floor surface. If there is a scratch on the painted surface, the placement painting is a normal service operation.

Blue paint FRENCHIC Paint Finland. Mix the paint carefully

before the beginning of painting work. This is important in particular with the waxed Lazy Range lime paints and al fresco series moisture-resistant lime paints. In a long-lasting painting work, pigments are pressed into the bottom and also affects the coverage of the paint. A careful blend may also be needed during the project.

The ultimate dryness

Blue paint FRENCHIC Paint Finland. Allow the surfaces to dry 48h before the cautious deployment
Waxy lime paint, Lazy Range and weatherproof Al Fresco series paints dry into a hard and durable surface - paint reaches its final hardness in about three weeks.
The porous platform drying is faster than tight and unspecified. If the humidity is too large or the temperature too low, the drying of the paint film slows down and the formation of the film is disturbed. In this case, the paint surface will not be durable and may be raised.
The surface is dust dry quickly at normal temperature while painting and re-painted after two hours. Although the surface of the paint has been dried rapidly after the painting process, it does not mean that the surface would be in the same time reached its final durability characteristics, wax in the paint continues to curb weeks. The surfaces can be used during this time, but strong strain should be avoided before the final paint and wax curing.
Blue paint FRENCHIC Paint Finland. Handle and clean your painted furniture
Whether your furniture or fleet containing an antique furniture or a fleet with a self-co-co-co-compared with your beautiful painting work and keep taking good care of the painted furniture. This is what your magnificent painting work does not go to waste. On the table, you can keep the cloth or tablets under the plates and glasses / cups - under the hot containers, you should always use pannius. The freshly painted surface will be cured for still three weeks, so it is very important to protect it.
Normal wear devices include the use of everyday life and the furnishings affects the duration of the paint surface. There is a different matter to paint the interior design side-table as a kitchen table that is done at the end of them as much as food.

If you paint a table surface with a wax paint, you can not cover the table with a cloth the next day - the paint is still fresh. If you paint the garden chair, you do not cover the chair with the cushion on the next day - the paint is still fresh and can not be dried under the padding.
Clean paint out of the blue Frenchic Paint
Photo: Duckling, Al Fresco

Blue paint FRENCHIC Paint Finland. Outdoors while painting
Check the weather conditions before starting the painting work. The best painting is a warm cloud noise, at least + 10c day and at night (first 48h) that the paint film dries normally. Also check that the rains, humidity or other disturb the drying process after painting. Cloud-absorbed weather and skies-protected place are well suited for the painting project.

Painted green door Frenchic Paint al fresco series.

Do not paint in too cold, hot or in a straight alignment! Do not leave the rimged furniture for the night out to dry - potential rainfall. Or leave painted furniture for winter out - water and remains quickly eating the paint surface if the water can be accessed under the paint surface. You can only paint the furniture that you can keep in the winter for the weather.
The wooden quality may be relevant to the paint's stability and paint absorption, other wooden trees are inherently oily, such as teak or other 'hardwoods' grades.
Some garden furniture factory treatment has been used to use an oil-based coating or a wood preservative designed to prevent the adhesion of other substances to the surface. On top of these protective treatments, the paint is not intended to be permanent. It is worth asking for the original surface treatment or wood quality to ask for the purchase of furniture.
If you have previously oiled your yard furnishings, you should continue to oil. It is likely that a waterborne paint will not stay very well on their oil surface. There may be an oil from a long-oil tree to rise to the surface for a few years.

Al Fresco series lime paints are moisturized when painting the pieces carefully around, at least two complete paint layers. The susceptibility to moisture and swelling of the surrounded wood piece is reduced. If the water gets under the paint surface it will be damaged. Keep your painted furnishings correctly in winter, weather in shelter, especially from snow and ice. If the paint surface has grown, for example, the effect of wood swelling / living, the water under the paint is likely to detach the paint.

All surfaces should be pure and dry. A loose or flaky paint should be removed before painting. Also, Home must be removed because the home left behind the goal gets through the new paint surface in time.

The furniture should be washed before painting, however, do not use a pressure washer that takes the water deep into the wood. Washed furniture should be dried carefully. The rule of thumb could be: washing and painting on different days.

If you paint a metal, note that Al Fresco paints have no anti-corrosion substances. Here you can read more outdoor paintings.

Blue paint FRENCHIC Paint Finland. Cleaning of painted furniture
Normal maintenance painting may be necessary for hard-utilized furniture or spring, for example, in stock storage for a debrisized paint.
Keep your painted furniture good care and clean them with only a fingern cloth or with mild detergents. Do not use abrasive brushes or mushrooms, pressure washer or steam wash on painted surfaces. Strong detergents, alcoholic fading agents and disinfectants eat paint and wax surface rapidly.

Blue paint FRENCHIC Paint Finland. Storage of paint
Keep the paints at a dry and normal temperature. A water-borne paint must not be freezed. The frozen & molten paint is not recommended for use anymore. The opened paint spacing remains in a long operating condition if the paint has remained clean and the lid is airtightly closed. Thinner thinned with water is not recommended to be kept. If the outdoors or within the painting of the paint can have dropped debris, dust, or other dirt they can ruin the paint quickly.

Tools You can wash with warm water and mild detergent. Protect the floor and environment for the painting project and use goggles and gloves as well as suitable painting clothing (long sleeves and legs). The painting work is good to do in a ventilated state.


Blue paint FRENCHIC Paint Finland. How to avoid the brush trace and grooves in the paint surface

Much asked how to get a flat paint without a trace of brush. Clear grooves and drinks may be due to many factors. The FRENCHIC series paints have a whole new kind of 'self-tearing' to select a characteristic characteristic of which the paint surface becomes flat. Here, however, we list more about some tips and advice from which you can benefit from your painting project:

Choice of brush

Use clean and intact your brush to your painting project. Good quality brush is the best starting point. Frenchic brushes are designed for complete lime paint and we recommend using them in your project. FRENCHIC series of oval brushes are crafts - wash them carefully with warm water before starting painting work. Washed and pure brush is supposed and dirty it has a nice paint. Washed and undergraduate brushing naturalharjas does not absorb the paint in the natural brushes such as rut ​​dry naturalharjas and thus the cleaning is easier. Whether you are what kind of tools, we hope that these instructions can be helpful to you to paint a flat surface.

Preparing is important

If you want to achieve a smooth, uniform paint surface, the surface must be even before painting a flat, clean and smooth. If you paint existing painters, deposits, columns, deep scratches, dried old paint droplets and castings, they also appear through the new paint floor.

If the painting surface has grooves, deep scratches or holes, they must first be completed, for example, by congratulating if the result is a flat and smooth surface. If your song has flaky and cuppered paint, the cookware must first be sanded and the flaky paint will be removed.

Brush technology

Light hand

It's how to wear a brush, may affect your painting. Are you going to reach a smooth surface? Keep the brush on the brush lightly as you would like a pen, instead of grappling heavily and pressing the stem. Brush paint lightly. Paint in the same direction as the causes of the tree. Try not to push and brushed the surface to the back and forth too strongly - though this is also one of the paintings and in this case the slopes of the silhouette are vigorously visible.

Enough paint

You do not need more than 3 (or up to 4 layers) to complete the project.If there is not enough paint in the brush, you will get tracks or you will see an extra texture on the surface. Also too thick the paint layer can dry uneven.

Don't overtime the surface

Do not continue working in the same area with a brush when paint dries. Overtime of the paint easily raises both the new and old layer open and makes the surface uneven. If you notice the point you would like to repair or to which you want to return, wait for an hour until the paint dries, and then apply only the paint to the place to be placed. Painting on a fresh paint will lead to overcoming the paint surface, so the layers are rolled and traces left onto the surface.

Don't paint in hot and dry

Paint small areas / parts at a time so that the paint can not be dried too fast. Painting too warm or even hot (eg straight sunshine) is not recommended, it is not really succeed, but the paint dries in the hot way too quickly and can crack.

Too dry with brush

If you find that your brush dries too much, keep the brush tip moist, which helps keep it more flexible and gentle painting. Note that you do not add water to the paint, but only baptizes the brush tip in water lightly to keep the bristles moist if necessary. You can also try the shower bottle technology: showering from the bottle, just lightly, water to the painting point, add the paint and brush it into place - you will find that the paint slides slide and the result is a flat surface.

Fix mistakes by grinding, not on top of painting

If something went wrong - the thing can be repaired: Hio paint lightly, put the dust off and paint again. Others want to hone between the painting layers to achieve a very uniform end result. Use very fine sandpaper or convenient, re-used and washable grinding platforms or grinding cushions ..


Hurrying and phase skipping generally leads to surface unevenness and paint surface that can not last. Reserve your project time, make a variety of small testing paintings, try boldly new technologies and get to know your painting equipment. Enjoy your painting project!

First try one of the training pieces which technology is suitable for you and your tools and the painting surface.If you have not previously tried frenchic series paints, we recommend waxed lime paint from the Lazy Range seriesToughen out of stock. This paint has a new feature, 'Self-Leveling', which makes it easy to get a small and smooth surface of the surface on the surface.

Try different tools and find yourself appropriate.

Also try the roll. This can also create a texture if you are not familiar with using the roll. Do not press with the roller while painting and always do the training painting to find out what is the correct amount of paint just for the roll you are using. The dry or too wet roller leaves the uneven surface.

Extra tip on a roller painting: Apply paint on a roller, and then when the paint is still wet, visit the area lightly through the brush. If you have not tried frenchic series of oval brushes - we recommend them warmly - your painting project makes it easier to make it easier and you will certainly be felt for their use!

With high quality and non-toxic paint, it is a pleasure to paint, but still be needed according to Aimo Dosage common sense = painting

A nice painting day!

Painting Instructions for FRENCHIC Paint Finland.

Join in To the fb group And share your own French project pics. Bring in the group to paint, caught, renovated to know your friends!


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