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Try the Shabby Chic style

This style brought furniture painting to the top of the trends. In this style, a worn, old and patinated essence is sought for the furniture - it can easily be realized with Frenchic paints.

Paint your furniture and let the paint dry

Then you wear/sand with sandpaper or a sanding sponge the edges, corners and decorations of the furniture so that the wood surface comes out from under the paint.

Tip! Try making holes in the surface of the furniture with a metal spike if you're aiming for something old and worn. They look great when waxed

Don't be shy about using colors. Great color combinations will transform your boring furniture into something wonderful again.

A new coat of paint?

You can also try the two- or three-tone technique. Paint layers of different shades and use bright, bold shades.

Allow the layers to dry completely before the next one. The last layer of paint gives the overall look to your furniture. Wear the paint with a sanding pad or sandpaper carefully - so that the next shade comes out.

Do you want a smoother surface? You need at least two coats to finish. Are you satisfied with the already used surface? You don't always need a new layer.

Accentuate with metallic shades

A touch of metallic tone on the edges and decorations completes a great look!

Add wax

When the paint is completely dry, you can add wax if you have sanded the paint surface open. The wax is absorbed into wear spots and into the wood, protecting both the wood and the freshly painted surface.

You definitely want your beautiful furniture and painting to be preserved. Treat your beautiful furniture now with care until the wax hardens - it takes about 21 days.

If you're using chalk paint that already has wax in it, and you haven't made any wear - you can skip this step.

However, you can use wax with all Frenchic paints and it is excellent for bringing a patina to the painted surface.

For example, gray Frenchic wax is especially beautiful on white and light surfaces. Here you can see all Frenchic furniture waxes.

Admire and enjoy

Now you can step back and admire your 'new' furniture!

Don't forget to take an 'After' photo - others want to see the amazing transformation - so do we!

The Frenchic Paint series is a versatile and high-quality interior paint series, which includes five different paint sets, brushes, waxes, coatings and stencils.

More instructions on painting techniques

Check out this list.

Whatever you're painting in your home, check out the certified Frenchic series first.

For surface renovation and DIY, painting walls, doors, stairs, railings, furniture and kitchen cabinets and ceramic tiles - read more about the Frenchic series here!

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