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Do you want to get to know the colors?

COLOR THERAPY IN INTERIORS - thoughts on choosing colors

We wanted to write a little series of a few colors for you, for your fun and benefit.

This long text is not intended to be read as an objective fact, but to show an example of how colors can be used in a variety of ways and how colors can be thought of in different ways. In the first writing, the subject is a color dear to Finns; blue.

For centuries, colors have been used in clothing,
in paintings, flags, make-up, symbols and decorations to manipulate the conscious thinking of others. Color is the biggest factor that affects how you want others or yourself to feel - use the information when you want to change the mood.

Colors are an important factor in our everyday environment; in art, design, advertising, parties, dressing, decorating our homes.

Only with color you create the atmosphere!

Did you know this about the color blue?

For example, Wikipedia can tell you that colors were made in the Middle Ages from earth, coal and animal fat. For example, the rare Ultramarine blue mined in Afghanistan was an expensive and sought-after color that sometimes had to wait for years. It was needed, for example, in paintings of the Virgin Mary. So Ultramarine is the name for one shade of blue, but it also means 'beyond the seas' - descriptive of the sea journey of earth pigments and other imported goods to the cities.

Calm and serene: Blue is often associated with a feeling of calmness and serenity. It is a popular choice for creating relaxing and cozy interiors. Blue is often thought of as a cool color. Obedience, tranquility, tranquility.

Versatility: Blue comes in a wide range of soft and muted pastel shades to vibrant and deep navy. This versatility makes it a great fit for a variety of design styles and themes.

Timeless appeal: Blue is considered a timeless and durable color in interior design. It can be used as a dominant main color or as an accent, so it is suitable for many applications and styles.

Cooling effect: Lighter shades of blue can create a cooling effect in rooms.

Imagery: Imagery and language images of colors - similes - often come from nature: water, sky, sea or from plants such as a pet flower. Royal blue - dignified and elegant.

Balance: Blue can act as a balancing element in the interior, complementing warmer colors and adding a sense of stability.

Blue in home renovation

Wall colors: Blue is a popular choice for bedroom and bathroom wall colors, where its calming properties promote a sense of relaxation.

Furniture and decoration: Blue furniture and decoration items such as sofas, chairs, carpets and curtains add color to living spaces and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Kitchen and bathroom surfaces: Blue tiles, especially in shades of aqua or turquoise, are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms to evoke a luxurious and fresh spa atmosphere inspired by the proximity of the sea or water. You can add blue to an otherwise light bathroom by painting the door or the ceiling of the space blue.

Blue in the interior

Nautical Themes: Beach-sea and nautical themes often include shades of blue, such as navy blue, sky blue, and bright mid blue. You can use turquoise again to create a beach-like, relaxed atmosphere - inside or outside in the garden or on the terrace.

Greece and Italy in the kitchen: With bright blue and turquoise, you can easily bring a Mediterranean atmosphere to the kitchen or garden.

The blue and white color combo is a timeless classic choice for textiles, crockery and other interior decoration in Finnish homes, summer cottages, lake shores and archipelagos.

Bold Accents: In contemporary design, bold and vibrant blues are used as accent colors to create a striking contrast with neutral backgrounds or contrasting colors.

This year, bright electric blue and various shades of petrol are trendy in both clothing and decoration. The blue-green and smoky blue shades of water are now extremely popular in wall paint colors.

How about a bold color area on the wall - Color Block!? Add color by painting a great stripe, gingerbread border, arc, circle or square directly on the wall! You can easily implement one in, for example, a hallway or a children's room.

Combine with blue

Gold goes well with the dark and elegant denim blue, and orange and terracotta tones are used as an effect. Beige and white are also safe choices together with blue.

Distressed sky blue is a perfect, cozy kitchen shade and a favorite for summer cottages and beach saunas - it combines beautifully with off-white and cream tones, sage green and powdery pink.

A classic combination is suitable for a sea-themed interior : red-white-blue - or is it blue-red-white? Bright yellow is a good accent color for the navy theme.

Since blue is one of the dominant colors of nature, you can combine it with almost anything - take a cue from nature!

Psychological aspects of blue

Calmness and relaxation: Blue is known to promote feelings of calmness, relaxation and tranquility. It can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Trust and stability: Blue is often associated with reliability and stability. This makes it a popular choice for business environments and professional spaces.

Coolness: Darker shades of blue can convey coolness and sophistication, an elegant feeling, making them suitable for formal spaces.

Blue is a versatile and durable color choice that you can use to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere indoors.

Blue's wide range of shades and adaptability to different design styles make it a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary environments.

Regardless of whether blue is used as a dominant color or as an accent, with blue you evoke a sense of calm and timeless elegance in the modern home and summer villa. Whether you're looking for a classic heraldic blue or a broken azure, you'll find them all in our color selection.

If you want to see what others have painted with blue tones, take a look at our Facebook group: ' Frenchic Paint Finland '

Find Frenchic Blues:

Sky blue: Ol' Blue Eyes , from the Al Fresco series

Denim blue: Hornblower , from the Lazy Range series

Petrol: Steel Teal , from the Al Fresco series

Ink blue After Midnight , from the Al Fresco series

Favorite blue: Forget Me Neve r, from the Al Fresco series

Pastel blue: Crystal Blue , from the Lazy Range series

Duck egg blue : Duckling , from the Al Fresco series

Turquoise: Beach Hut , from the Trim Paint series and the wall paint series

Black cover: Smooth Operator , from the Trim Paint set and the wall paint set

Bright medium blue : Nutcracker , from the Trim Paint range

Electric blue: Kiss Me Sloely , from the Al Fresco series

Scotch Mist , from the Lazy Range series

Baby Blue: Yes Please! From the Al Fresco series

Turquoise: Santorini , from the Trim Paint series and the wall paint series

Smoke blue: Jitterbug , Trim Paint and from the wall paint range

Blue furniture paint Frenchic Paint.

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