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Do you want to get to know the colors? 

COLOR THERAPY IN INTERIORS - thoughts on choosing colors

We wanted to write a little series of a few colors for you, for your fun and benefit.

This long text is not intended to be read as an objective fact, but to show an example of how colors can be used in a variety of ways and how colors can be thought of in different ways. In this post, the theme is royal, bohemian and sacred purple. A color you either hate or love!

For centuries, colors have been used in clothing, in paintings, flags, make-up, symbols and decorations to manipulate the conscious thinking of others. Color is the biggest factor that affects how you want others or yourself to feel - use the information when you want to change the mood.

Colors are an important factor in our everyday environment; in art, design, advertising, parties, dressing, decorating our homes.

Only with color you create the atmosphere!

Did you know this about the color purple? 

Mystical, magical and wise

Violet has historically been associated with royalty, luxury and abundance. It can add a sense of richness and special grandeur to interiors. In heraldry, the purple color reflects moderation. Purple has a rich and fascinating history that spans cultures, eras and social classes.

The color purple encompasses a wide range of shades, from deep and royal purples such as plum and aubergine to lighter and more playful purples such as lavender and lilac.

Wikipedia can tell you, for example, that the word violet comes from the French word for violet, violette, because the flowers of most violet species are violet in color. Violet's older Finnish name is blue-red. Especially pale violet is also called lilac. Reddish violet is called purple and greyish violet is often called mallow or mauve .

Violet in the world

The highest-ranking Buddhist monks wear purple robes, and among Jews it has been the color of kings and high priests.

In Mexico, saints are dressed in purple during Holy Week. In Japan, purple is the royal color of power and wealth.

In China and Turkey, purple is associated with sadness.

In ancient Rome, the purple toga was reserved for senators and emperors. Violet became a symbol of status and luxury throughout the Mediterranean region, including among the ancient Greeks and Romans.

In ancient times, purple was a rare and highly prized color because it was difficult and expensive to make purple dyes. It was often associated with royalty, power and luxury.

The earliest known source of purple dye came from the glandular mucus of a certain species of snail, the Murex snail. The manufacturing process of the dye was laborious and expensive, which contributed to its rarity and availability challenges.

Calm and serene 

Violet is often associated with a feeling of calmness and tranquility. It is a popular choice for creating relaxing and cozy interiors. Violet is often thought of as a cool color. Dark purples, on the other hand, can be experienced as warm tones.

Balance and creativity 

Violet is a balancing color that combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Violet can promote creativity, playfulness and imagination in interior design.


Depending on the shade and the way of use, purple can convey sophistication, wealth and elegance in the interior - purple has been a popular shade in courts throughout the ages - or a playful and rich bohemian style.

Cooling effect 

Lighter purples and pastel shades of lavender can create a cooling, spacious and fresh effect in rooms. Cool shades are very suitable for rooms with a lot of natural light.


Color images and language images - similes - often come from nature: violet, lavender, stormy sky, berries and wine. Violet can also be experienced as an oriental, mysterious and mystical color or as a bohemian new age color.

Violet in home renovation 

Purple is one of the most amazing color options you can use on walls: Purple can be used as a wall color, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in bedrooms or living rooms.

Lighter purples can make spaces feel airy and fresh, while deeper purples can add drama and a luxurious 'hotel feel'.

Furniture and decoration 

During the Rococo era, light pastel shades were preferred, such as lavender blue. Purple upholstery, furniture and decorative items can bring pops of color and personality to an interior, especially when combined with complementary colors such as white or gold. Violet can also be brought into the interior subtly, such as with cushions, works of art and textiles to create a harmonious and balanced color palette.

The deep burgundy velvet sofa furniture and purple oriental rugs familiar from vintage furniture are still sought after in today's interiors. Imagine, for example, deep purple velvet curtains in the bedroom or large velvet cushions with gold tassels on the sofa.

Combine with purple 

Violet combines beautifully with natural, light wooden surfaces, rattan and green plants.

Combine purple with off-white, light gray, green or contrasting orange, yellow along with metallic tones such as silver and gold.

Creativity and imagination 

Violet is associated with creativity, imagination and artistic expression. It can evoke a sense of innovation and originality. Purple is a popular shade in all kinds of crafts.

Spirituality and tranquility 

Some shades of purple, especially the darker ones, are associated with spirituality and calmness, which is why they are suitable for meditation or relaxation spaces - yoga spaces, beauty salons, etc.

Luxury and ambition 

The color purple's association with royalty and luxury can evoke a sense of ambition, success and aspiration.

Mystery and intrigue 

Darker shades of purple can create a sense of mystery, a sense of mystery and intrigue, which adds depth and complexity to the interior.

Purple is a versatile and emotional color in interior design, you either love it or hate it! Thanks to the rich selection of shades, it suits different design styles and aesthetics, from royal and luxurious to bohemian and playful.

Whether used as a dominant color or as an accent, purple can enhance the overall atmosphere of an interior and promote creativity, luxury and sophistication.

The human eye loves to look at contrasts, which always make a space a little more interesting. In addition to colors, the atmosphere of the space is influenced by lighting and the use of lights. For a space with little natural light, choose warm tones.

Remember that you can still break all these 'rules' and that colors are always a personal experience. Feel free to use colors that you like, and you will get their pleasure benefits best in your everyday life.

Find Frenchic violets

Pastel, cool lavender, Parma Violet .

An eggplant-toned dark purple, like Boujee .

Boho Berry, a dark purple with a bearberry tone.

Heather-toned, gentle Velvet Crush .

Dark lavender blue Moody Blue .

Sparkling, slightly purple Kiss Me Sloely

Deep plum red Plum Pudding .

The purple gray of the stormy sky, Stormy.

Refined old gold, Golden Oldie

Silver, Teddy Mercury.

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