Chalk Paint and Decoupage Technology

Decoupage technology is popular

Flooring and combining different painting techniques is the thing that is why Chalk Paint's painted furnishings are like artwork - it is almost impossible to carry out the usual furniture paints.

Decoupage Technology Finishing Coat and FRENCHIC Paint Paints.

At the same time, no twenty shades, various waxes and cracking agents have been used and various means for building layers. At best, the image embedded in the layers looks like a hand-painted artwork.

Black furniture paint loof tone Frenchic Paint Finland and decoupage technology.

Decoupage technicians can be taken on a small and large scale. You can decorate the surfaces with a thin cloth, small-sized paper sheets, wallpaper or napkin pieces of small objects like crafting projects: bottles, wooden rasions or trays.

Decoupage Technology Finishing Coat and FRENCHIC Paint Paints.

Decoupage is also a popular technology in the summer of skilled furniture painters that paint their profession with unique artworks. Large, fleet painting A3 - A1-size sheets are best used in furniture, for example in the interior of the cabinets, doors, inner parts or front plates or side walls. Decoupage in technology The sheet is attached to and after the platform and the pages are added to the pages so that the sheet is obtained with 'implanted' substrates naturally. The layers can be multiple and you can use the layers of several different products. A variety of decoupage sheets can be reached here.

Decoupage Technology Finishing Coat and FRENCHIC Paint Paints.

You can practice with a smaller song first techniques until the methods feel familiar. In this script, we will go through DegouPage technology to be paid to the furniture. There are several methods, here are some of them.

Decoupage Technology Finishing Coat and FRENCHIC Paint Paints.

Choose a furniture

The size of the furniture is a bit influenced by the choice of sheet and image topic. A high cabinet is perhaps a better vertical pattern or image topic. The designed final tone also affects the choice of image. Clean the surface of the furniture by washing it with SUGAR SOAP furniture detergent and wipe the detergent from the surface, dry.

Decoupage Frenchic Paint.

The image corner cabinet is washed and the front door will become a DegouPage sheet. The outcome is dark.

Color choice

Do you paint the furniture black or white? The choice of final color affects the choice of image topics and sheet. If a dark furniture is desired, it is not worth choosing very white sheets - embedding naturally to the dark bottom may not be able to succeed and result in a pale 'hole' in a dark surface. The image and the background color of the image are desired to combine the furniture in a slide color type, naturally. So, if the result is a dark furniture, the color of the image topic and the background should be selected from the darker end.

Girl DecouPage Pappila Sunday Shop.

This image topic was selected in the cabinet in A1 size.

Bottom color

The ground color affects how (clearly) the image topic is distinguished. From a pale bottom of the sheet shades and the picture details are best repeated. The point of the sheet from the furniture should be painted on a light tone. If you paint the sheet of the sheet, for example in red, it is also shown through the sheet - sometimes this can be used as a good power, depending on the desired outcome. From a dark or black basis, the details of the image do not necessarily stand out in the best possible way. Try different options.

Decoupage cabinet.

In the picture, the cabinet is primed with a pair of stone in love shade. The bottom color does not have to be covered and steady if the outcome is as possible.

Ark's layout

Think about the layout of the sheet and image topic, but do not allow the furnishings, locks, water, doors or boxes to limit the layout. The sheet is set and suited to the whole and sharp knife will open all the necessary seams. You can also press or tear the edges open so that the sharp edges do not appear from the end result so easily. Keys and knobs should be removed before the layout of the sheet.

DecouPage Cabinet Frenchic Paint.

In the picture, the sheet was placed at the bottom and fastened with Finishing Coat with finishing coating. Ark's outer edges were torn before the sugar and the hinge of the door was pressed open. The hinge should also have been cut to clean.


The sheet can be attached in a few different ways.

The natural or artistic outcome will become when you brush the surface with a spatula or 'credit card' with a small plastic card - from the center outward. Spring causes somewhat wrinkles in the paper that looks beautiful and natural in the outcome. The surface becomes live and three-dimensional like old oil paintings. To reduce wrinkles, you can use a fresh film on the paper. In this technique, the bottom of the furniture first has a layer of finishing coat finishing coating first. The sheet is placed in a wet surface.

The heat of the heat gives a smooth and smooth, but not such a living outcome. On the bottom, at least two layers of FINISHING COAT are allowed to dry. The image sheet is placed in place, a dry surface and the help of the tape can be used. The sheet is ironed with medium heat on iron, from the center outward, through the baking paper. This technology may be challenging if the surface of the furniture is not completely flat.


DegouPage Development and painting on the furniture.

In the picture, the painting is in the middle. The image sheet starts to blend into the bottom.

Use a dark tones outside the sheet if you wanted a dark outcome. Pick up other shades on the topic and add tones with different techniques to the surface. Use the fungus and gutting tones, fade off the limits and take the paint on top of the sheet, other than the edges. Various brushes and tools were used in this work. You can try 'continue' to describe a little, like this, for example, to a skirt. The outcome is desired unique and personalized, not printed.

Ready decoupage painting, cabinet Frenchic Paint.

In the picture, the sheet begins to 'sit' into the furniture.

There are several options for finishing. You can hindered the sheet of wrinkles open lightly with abrasive paper and or highlight them with dark waves. You can add everything to protect the floor of Finishing Coat'a, allowing you to get a beautiful glossy surface. Or you can wax everything. Colored, for example, a brown Frenchic wax would bring to the surface of the patina and would plant even better the surface. Decoupage's use of sheets is easy and comfortable. With this technology, you get your furniture raised to the next level.

Decoupage and Crakelation of the substance Frenchic Paint.

In the picture, a small cabin decoupage change.

This closet has a paint with a crackering agent, a Easy Crackle, which makes the sheet surface look cracking. Cracks are highlighted in gray French wax. The paint is the Sugar Puff tone from the Original Artisa series. The original thumbnail was dark brown. To make this kind of small furnishings, takes time about two to three hours - Easy Crackle dries farthest, and its drying can be accelerated, for example, with a heat fan or a hairdryer.

Finishing Coat is the best decoupage technology in the French of the series.

Finishing Coat is an excellent decoupage technology. It quickly dries in about 20 minutes and the surface becomes bright and glossy. As a result, a sustainable surface of splashes. Application for large surfaces is easy to sponge. Finishing Coat is a non-toxic and certified product. Finishing Coat to get to buy this.

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