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White furniture wax 400ml

White wax is gorgeous with gray and bright colors! White wax greatly emphasizes woody trees, cuts and grooves. Also for mere wooden surfaces - you can easily create a 'Scandinavian style' or a boothylitic look for your furniture.

Frenchic wax is a safe, organic product with no poisons or a strong smell. An excellent product for treating wooden furniture, quick and easy to spread, gives a magnificent final outcome to your Frenchi-linking. The drying of the wax usually takes 30 to 45 minutes. In some furniture, thorough drying may take a couple of days. All waxes will be used - re-waxing should be completed if necessary.

Apply a thin layer on a dry, painted or grinding surface using a wax or a lint-free cloth. Wipe off excess wax and let the finished work dry for at least 45 minutes. Wash the tools / shrubby immediately with warm, mild soapy water.

The best and most practical way to spread the wax is always waving. Its bristles take up the wax furniture to corners, holes and decorations easily. Wax There is a fast and easy way to spread the wax for all kinds of surfaces. The natural wax is absorbed deep into the tree cell and also treats wood. The wax is applied to a clean wood surface with multiple thin layers until the wood is impregnated with wax and the surface has become dirt repellent. Make maintenance handling and the increase in the wax regularly to the surfaces of consumption - the need for waxing is reduced to the wood. Frenchic waxes are natural breasts, they include beeswax and caurnubavaha (Brazilian palm tree).

Polish wax if you want - get a stunning velvety glossy, durable and wipering. FRENCHIC Paint wax is non-toxic. Forget thick and sticky - evil smell waxes and try a beeswax-based frenchic wax. You will love its composition and thin wax layers.

Ingredients: Beewax, Carnuba Wax, Isoparaffin. Do not use wax for objects that are in ignition. The wax is always intended for indoor use.

This frenchic product is EN71: 3-certified; European Toy Safe standard.

Frenchic Furniture Wax Has No Hidden Nasties and Is An All Natural, Non-Petroleum Based Wax, with No Horrible Odur. IT IS SIMPLY FABULOUS FOR TRANSFORMING YOUR WOODEN FURNITURE. Quick and Easy to Apply, A Fantastic Finish to your Frenchic Designs. IT HAS ALSO GONE THROUGH RIGOROUS TESTING TO BE CERTIFIED CHILD SAFE (EN 71: 3).

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Pakettisi toimitetaan Sinulle Suomesta, Raisiosta. Frenchic Finland on kotimainen verkkokauppa ja suomalainen perheyritys.

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