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Lazy Range

Frenchic Lazy Range is a unique, innovative, award-winning, all-natural, chalk and mineral paint with a wax infusion. With a selection of best-selling colours, there are no toxins or added VOC’s. It is a smooth, creamy, odourless paint that is self-priming, self-levelling (therefore little to no brush marks) and self-sealing with excellent coverage. It is a fantastic ‘paint and go’ product option when time is of the essence! Frenchic Lazy Range has gone through rigorous testing to be certified child safe (EN 71:3

Moody Blue from €7,90
Nougat 1 Arvostelu from €7,90
Wedding Cake 3 Arvostelua from €7,90
Creme de la creme - 3 Arvostelua from €7,90
Crystal Blue from €7,90
Eye Candy 2 Arvostelua from €7,90
Funky Dora 2 Arvostelua from €7,90
Hornblower from €7,90
Hot as Mustard 2 Arvostelua from €7,90
Loof 2 Arvostelua from €7,90
Love Letter from €7,90
Plum Pudding from €7,90
Salt of The Earth 1 Arvostelu from €7,90
Scotch Mist 1 Arvostelu from €7,90
Spitfire 1 Arvostelu from €7,90
Stone Rosie 1 Arvostelu from €7,90
Whitey White from €7,90
Whistle 1 Arvostelu from €7,90

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