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Lovely You - it's great that you help us to be seen!

Are you a DIY-minded fashion designer - a passionate home renovator - an everyday photographer?

Does your heart beat passionately for colors and manual skills - for those everyday better choices?

For us at Frenchic Finland, it is important that our partners and influencers share the same values ​​with us – that is, a passion for recycling, DIY projects, renovation and decoration, supporting small entrepreneurs.

The purpose of the cooperation is to gain widespread positive visibility for Frenchic Paint® products and at the same time the influencer gets an interesting and popular product to present to his own followers.

By painting a beautiful wall or piece of furniture, you get long-term joy in everyday life as well as wonderful backgrounds and views for your future social media posts! The most beautiful pictures quickly gain international visibility in the active Frenchic community around the world.

We at the Frenchic team love creativity and new and inspiring ideas!

We want to see how our products are used for various creative projects; in construction projects, surface renovations, gardens, cottages, various interior design projects or, for example, art projects!

We want to get you and your friends excited about DIY, what and how you paint, and how you recycle and consume. Because together we can all change the culture of consumption and the appreciation of hand skills away from disposable culture with our choices!

Go read more about our values ​​here - if our values ​​match, get in touch!

Do you have a project, renovation or painting job where we can help and collaborate?

List us your social media account where you can present our products - are you on Instagram , TikTok , Pinterest - do you make YouTube content or do you write an active blog series?

Contact us and tell us about your project, we'd be happy to cooperate with you - send us a message via e-mail and we'll get things rolling!

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Instagram collaboration with the Frenchic series.

Instagram collaboration with the Frenchic series.

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