Frenchic series values

Well, congratulations!

Have you won the Frenchic or the competition?

Here are instructions on how to claim your prize:

Send us an email with the title:

and remember to provide complete address information for sending the package:

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • Tel. number
  • e-mail
  • Title of the evaluation or competition

We can also send the prize to your friend. Please email us the details.


Thank you for attending Happy Painting Day!

Frenchic paint series title.


General on Frenchic Paint

The evaluation or competition is organised by Frenchic Paint Finland alone.

The winner has seven days to send an e-mail and announce his information for the award. The prize cannot be cashed or exchanged. We do not re-send returned, unaccounted-for prizes.

Images or comments participating in the valuation or competition can be used for the marketing of Frenchic.

We don't pass on customer information.


 The award-winning Frenchic Paint calorie series now from Finland!






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