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Can I paint leather, artificial leather or fabric?

❤️ With your own responsibility

FRENCHIC Paint products have not been tested or intended for use in leather furnishings, artificial furniture or fabrics in painting, but still eager painters try to paint all kinds of surfaces with FRENCHIC Paint products. Other projects succeed, others do not.

However, if you want to try (at your own risk of course), we give a few tins:
The painting surface is prepared with thorough cleaning and rinsing. The surface to be painted must be completely clean and dry. Whether whatever detergent is used, it must always be rinsed carefully away from clean water from the surface to be painted. This is the key to the lime paint infection.

You can refine the dry paint surface between each layer you want and finalize the surface with French french furniture. Another technique is to paint the layers without grinding.

When painting leather furniture (old or new), it is often difficult to know the origin of leather and the origin of the furniture, as it has had a variety of owners during its service life. Often, this means that it may have been treated with a variety of products such as yielding agents, so that the furniture is easier to clean.

The image chair is painted with Love Letter and Wolf Whistle tones with mixing.

These protective and conditioners make paint painting extremely difficult because they are designed to ensure that other substances are easily detachable and that nothing would stick to the surface. It is possible that painting the pre-processed surface paint will stick well, but in a relatively short time, the paint may unplug the surface.

Naha has a tendency to break and crack when it ages. Although the Frenchic paint lime paint can initially cover fractures, it does not do so endlessly, and cracks will come again over time.

Dirt and fat

Older furniture are frequently gathered by years of layers of dirt and fat, and they have been in tough use (pets, smoking etc.), especially with endings, armrests and other regions, which are in high levels of operation.

Even Sugar SOAP can be very difficult to remove such a dirt that may be apparent in old furniture, but to succeed, cleaning must be made as thoroughly as possible, otherwise the paint will be disconnected over time.

It is advisable to remember and make cleaning counsels, while painting the wooden furniture, the surface to be painted must be clean and dry. The water-borne FRENCHIC Paint series rejects the fat and oily surface.

The image chair is painted Fresshe with a metal pigment paint, a bronze.

The purpose of use affects the durability

If you paint a leather chair that is intended to be in the corner of the bedroom in the corner of clothing and bedspreads, the paint surface will probably remain for longer condition than in an armchair in the everyday sitting use that the whole family and pets use. Choose a high-quality lime paint for your project.

Want to try the french co-series goals on the fabric?

Here too, start by cleaning the surfaces to be painted.
There may be many implementation styles, but one of this model:
  • Download the fabric parts clean with fabric dust and sleeping and wash the stains off.
  • Before you start painting, moisten the fabric with spray bottle / water,To do so, it is not enough to make the paint - or paint the first layer with a clearly thinned paint, making the technology approximates the staining of the fabric. By adding the layers the color tone deepens.
  • The paint layer is required for 2-3 depending on the fabric painted.Close cotton or linen is the best painting.Longer fabrics, such as velvet may dry into the lump. You can dease or brush the dry layers between the painting, so they dry soft. Finish the frenchic wax if necessary.
  • Let it dry completely between the paint layers. It helps to reduce their paint and enhance coverage.
  • If you are using Original artisan The lime plate, sealing the ready paint surface with wax if the dyed fabric comes to consumption. For example, curtains you can color with a limestone without waxing. In the wash, the color fades, dyed bulk fabrics should be washed separately, sometimes can only ventilate it is enough and thus the tone remains.
  • If you are using Lazy Range The limestone rod you can add wax if you want, but no protection for the paint does not need.The Lazy Range series paints have a wax already ready in the finish.
  • If you are using Al fresco Series paints, you can finally grind or brush the surface to the surface.
  • Try different techniques, ways and tools and find your projects right for these instructions. Try taping; Make tracks or Sabloo with star or other patterns on a fabric or chair seat / backrest.


Comfortable trials with the FRENCHIC series!
The FRENCHIC Paint Series is a high quality lime set for furniture painting and is intended for wooden furniture, painting of other materials at its own responsibility.
Do you want to see what others are painted by the French Catalogged goals?

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