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❤️ At your own risk

Frenchic Paint products have not been tested or intended for use on leather furniture, artificial leather or fabric painting, but still enthusiastic painters try to paint all kinds of surfaces with Frenchic Paint products.

Some projects succeed, others don't.

We can't officially recommend painting fabric or leather, but if you still want to try (at your own risk, of course), we'll give you a few tips:

  • The surface to be painted is prepared by thorough cleaning and rinsing. The surface to be painted must be completely clean and dry. Whatever detergent you use, it must always be thoroughly rinsed off the surface to be painted with clean water. This is the key to the adhesion of the lime paint.

  • You can sand the dry paint surface between each layer if you want and finish the surface with Frenchic furniture wax. Another technique is to paint the layers without sanding.

When painting leather furniture (old or new), it is often difficult to know the origin of the leather and the origin of the furniture, as the furniture may have had several owners during its lifetime.

Often this means that it may have been treated with a number of different products such as leather care products to make the furniture easier to clean.

The chair in the picture is painted with a mixture of Love Letter and Wolf Whistle tones.

These protective and conditioning agents make the surface very difficult to paint because they are designed to ensure that other agents are easily removable and that nothing sticks to the surface.

It is possible that the paint on the pre-treated surface will adhere well when painting, but in a relatively short time the paint may come off the surface.

Leather has a natural tendency to break and crack as it ages or dries out.

Although Frenchic paint may initially cover cracks, it does not do so indefinitely, and cracks will reappear over time.

Dirt and grease

Older furniture has often accumulated layers of dirt and grease for years, and has been in heavy use (pets, smoking, etc.), especially with headboards, armrests and other areas that are under heavy use.

Even with Sugar Soap, it can be very difficult to remove this kind of dirt that may be obvious on old furniture, but to do so, the cleaning must be done as thoroughly as possible, otherwise the paint will peel off over time.

The cleaning advice should be remembered and done also when painting wooden furniture, the surface to be painted must be clean and dry. The water-based Frenchic Paint series repels greasy and oily surfaces.

The chair in the picture is painted with Frenshee metal pigment paint, Bronze.

The purpose of use affects the durability

If you paint a leather armchair, which is meant to be in the corner of the bedroom as a place to store clothes and a bedspread - the paint surface will probably stay in good condition longer than on an armchair used for everyday sitting, which is used by the whole family and pets.

So choose a high-quality lime paint for your project.

Do you want to try the Frenchic series paints on fabric?

In this project too, start by cleaning the surfaces to be painted.


There can be many implementation styles, but here is one as a model:

  • Vacuum the fabric parts clean of fabric dust and lint and wash away the stains.

  • Before you start painting, moisten the fabric with a spray bottle/water, so that it does not absorb too much paint - or paint the first layer with a clearly thinned paint, in which case the technique approximates the dyeing of the fabric. By adding layers, the color tone deepens.

  • 2-3 layers of paint are needed, depending on the fabric to be painted. Dense cotton or linen is the best to paint. Fabrics with longer piles, such as velvet, can dry to a lumpy state. You can sand or brush the dry layers between painting, so they dry soft. Finally, add Frenchic wax if necessary.

  • Allow to dry completely between coats of paint. It helps to reduce paint loss and improve coverage.

  • If you use Original Artisan paint, seal the finished paint surface with wax if the dyed fabric becomes worn. For example, you can paint the curtains with lime paint without waxing. The color fades in the wash, dyed loose fabrics should be washed separately, sometimes just airing is enough and this way the shade is preserved.

  • If you use Lazy Range paints, you can add wax if you want, but the paint surface does not need any protection. Lazy Range series paints have wax already in the paint.

  • If you use paints from the Al Fresco series, you can finally sand or lightly brush the surface again to make it smooth.

  • Try different techniques, ways and tools and find the right one for your project in these instructions. Try taping; make stripes or star or other patterns with a stencil on the fabric or the seat/back of the chair.

Have fun experimenting with the Frenchic series!

Frenchic - furniture paint set is a high-quality chalk paint set intended for furniture painting and it is intended for wooden or metal furniture, painting other materials at your own risk.

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