Tuuthartan Huvimaja changed color from white to green

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Tuuthartan Huvimaja changed color from white to green

I'm Kirsi, a passionate tuner and vintage enthusiast. My paid work is in the interior design and furniture industry, and my free time is pretty much the same. One of my Insta friends even calls me the "project queen" .

I wouldn't know how to live without these DIY things, they are also therapy for me, when I relax and disconnect from everything else around me. When you always have "a hundred irons in the fire" and a couple of new projects in mind, time really never gets boring.

I have promised to present you some finished projects that I have realized with Frenchic Paint products. Hopefully these will also inspire you to grab a paintbrush and bravely try something completely new!​​...

A small gazebo was completed at the back of my garden seven years ago.
During the construction phase, the interior was painted white according to the trend of the time and my own wishes.

Well, trends change, and my own mind and taste have also changed in the last few years in a much more colorful direction.

I have always admired Swedish country homes, the art of decorating with muted colors in a warm and cozy way.

My home has gotten quite a paint job over the past four years, and now it's finally the gazebo's turn.

Looking for pastel green

My biggest fear in the project was probably that the interior of the gazebo would be too gloomy and dark, and not at all summery and fresh. I thought about a suitable color for a long time and finally green was selected as the color.

After this I thought for a while about the right shade of green; it shouldn't be shaggy and not too dark, nor too light, because then the change wouldn't be big enough.

I compared different shades of green in Frenchic Paint's online store and
in the end I settled on the wall paint and shade "Apple Barn". I tried to look online and on Insta for pictures of walls painted in this color, but with no success. The finished result would therefore be a complete surprise.

Wonderfully easy

The walls of the holiday home are rough raw boards, on which white oil paint was once applied. Chalk paint sticks to almost anything, so washing with Frenchic Sugar soap and a coarse root brush was enough for surface treatment. I also used a brush for scrubbing, because the sponges and cleaning cloths stuck to the rough surface of the board.

Since Frenchic's chalk paints already include a primer, you save time and effort when making it yourself, and your wallet will thank you. And when the paint dries in a few more hours, you can easily paint two layers of the finished surface in one day.

After the first coat of paint, the surface was quite patchy, but immediately after the second coat, the right nuance of the shade began to appear and the more I painted, the more certain I knew that I had chosen just the right, spring green!

Since I also painted the interior ceiling of the gazebo with the same color, I used a total of one and a half cans of paint. A smooth wall surface would certainly have taken much less paint, but the rough board wall has a suitably rustic atmosphere.

Apple green wall paint from the Apple Barn, Frenchic series.

The best results were achieved with Frenchic's oval brushes size M and S. I also tried the XL size brush, but it felt a bit heavy when painting the ceiling upwards.

Wax treatment of white ceiling beams

The gazebo also has two white-painted ceiling rafters, and I decided at the beginning of the project to give them a rustic treatment with Frenchic's brown furniture wax .

After the sugar soap wash, I rubbed the wax with a round wax brush into the burrs, imitating the natural patterns of the wood, and after the wax dried, I brushed the surface with a soft root brush.

After just one treatment, the parru got a beautiful, antique patina, which harmonizes beautifully with the green roof and walls.

I left the window frames white, and they now nicely refresh the gloomy whole. The shade of green changes funny depending on the light; sometimes it's really bright and has a hint of yellow, sometimes it's very soft and pastel.

Color sets the mood

Now my gazebo has a wonderful, English garden shed atmosphere. The light wood furniture and my collection of brown clay bottles go perfectly with the green wall.

And could the name of this green color be better than “ Apple Barn ”, because the four apple trees in my garden grow right next to the gazebo. The gazebo is now my summer "Happy place".

I hope these tips inspire you to pick up a paintbrush and try something completely new!

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