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Recycling Defense - Do yourself in your own style

Are you a friend of recycling?

My style in the home changes, evolves, reduces or large - it lives in time with you. The most important thing is that you entertain your own home and interior with furniture and colors that you like - hits and hits should come during the journey.

Recycling conveyor and old furnishings are a great way to create an atmosphere and layer in which Second Hand furniture has its own fascinating story. The FRENCHIC Paint series originated in the passion of the rehabilitation of old furniture and the goal of promoting recycling and self-mixing. We love various styles, colors, atmospheric and relaxation of abundance, skillful, enthusiastic and self-tapping customers!

Handicrafts and self-tapping decorations are prestigious - including furniture, you can also edit new types, more suitable for you. You can renovate, repair, edit, paint or just appreciate and continue to use used furniture and furnishings. The old, wooden bed can be unusable and therefore available for free for the first retrieval, but beautiful and intact beds are valuable interior design.

Old wooden furniture are made to withstand

They last the use and time much better than the current plate furniture - the purchase of used furniture is always a personal choice, a small eco. In the old furniture, it is often fascinated by its potential story.

Green vitrin dish cabinet Frenchic Paint Finland Victory Lane.

All grooves, scratches and holes in the furniture surfaces indicate that the furniture has been kept and much used. The full-fledged furniture will easily last for a hundred years - it also takes re-paintings and repairs. You can very well change the keys to their new, liking and choose your favorite color with your furniture - it's great that the old furniture has come to a home where it is valued and reaches it again - it is made in the course of it.

Green Vitrine dish cabinet Frenchic Paint Finland Victory Lane 1.

Recycling conveyor does not mean styled styles, but a budget-friendly way to implement your home style uniquely and personally - colorful or stylishly. You can focus on decorating colors, forms or era - you can implement scandinavian interior or hunting stunning, full-flesh romantic furniture - and usually always in the fraction of new prices!

Just select where to start

Rescuing a used furniture is both trendy, that environmentally friendly, but also with a hobby hobby and passion! What makes it funnier than to make a long-looking for 'discovery' from the online screens and already searching for a new story of the furniture.

Mattable Blackjack Frenchic Paint Finland.

Connect the old furniture to change creatively with your other handicrafts and upholstery fabric heads again or make a macramee-cords or tassels on the cooker key or paint the furniture itself with beautiful decorations as before. If your value in your country is ideal for the loving & recycling of used, and valuing the handmade, you will surely keep the FRENCHIC series.

Mattable Blackjack Frenchic Paint Finland.

The used furniture does not have to be antiques or special so you can paint it and change your own style - you can do so almost all of the furnishings and interior design. The reasons for the change may be, for example, yellowed, old pinewood wooden furnishings, panels, dark or otherwise boring furnishings or walls you want to change, color, lightness, edges. Sometimes just a splash of paint in the current furniture, a wall or a kitchen opponent to save a new acquisition. Perhaps you just want to pick up and new color around you - it is also allowed. You just select a furniture or a room where you start!

Pick up the best style ideas and combine

Pick up our website and fb groups with the best DIY ideas and your feet even better, suitable for yourself - FRENCHIC groups will be able and our enthusiastic customers provide endless inspiration for self-mixing and recycling colors and techniques bravely by combining.

Blue painted furniture Nightstand Small cabinet Duckling FRENCHIC Paint Stadium series.

Our clients love the beautiful shades of the Frenchic series, which are just fit to suit any decorative style. Powerful, matte frenchic shades The delightful series has several color tones that resemble old matte traditional vessels and for this reason they are beautifully suitable for both old furniture that older buildings and their spirits.

For modern and scandinavian and boho-style interior decoration, you will also find a fresh white "Dazzle Me! Green, pure white" Blackjack, and stunning neutral and earthy shades.

The playful and colorful, even retro-style or vintage-style furnishings have orange, yellow, green, brown and sweet pastel shades. The FRENCHIC series has over 60 prepared tones.

There are a lot of painting styles and ideas - you can paint only a part of the furniture: how would you take and modern black legs to the old food or coffee table? For the rest of the furniture, you can grind to a clean beautiful wood surface - such a small amount of paint is enough for this project, however, the end result is a gorgeous and stylish furniture - certainly cheaper than the movement. Choose a shade, for example, black loof, from the Lazy Range series.

You can do the same by using a powder pink tone of 'Dusky Blush' All Fresco series, the table's expression is completely changed and would be suitable for rural and pale interior design.

Our easy-to-use products are also suitable for less paintings - There are more nickens and tips on the painting instructions to make. You can read more about our blogs how to implement a variety of painting techniques and styles of furniture paintings. Perhaps from you can find from home or cottage it yellowed a pine clown, which just waits for a new goal - to this project today you will find a French-blog post.

Environmental conscious consumers and decorations are genuinely concerned about the consumer problem of the world and the use of natural resources, as used by obtaining, furniture and interior design can be influenced by their own consumer habits and guide them in a more durable direction by favoring, for example, root recycled furnishings instead of new.

Hot AS Mustard Painted Drawback of FRENCHIC PAINT FINLAND.

Handicrafts and self-mixing are also the values ​​of our French customers - always do not have to buy new.

Hot AS Mustard painted yellow chest of chest of FRENCHIC Paint Finland.

With a small effort and creativity you will get old furnishings a whole new-looking - 'glower' does not have to mean 'factory' but new to you and your home.

Change little or much

Once you have decided to take over the old furniture, start with cleaning. Clean the furniture thoroughly from the inside and outside gently on hand with water wash. Use a furniture detergent that removes fats and dirts from the surfaces and any nicotine fat. 'Sugar Soap' is a foamy and powerful furniture detergent (a rogue seal) to easily access the furniture in the painting condition. Washing furniture also fresses and gets to look at a pure surface.

The dents and scratches are a sign of the sustainability of the furniture and the lack of use - you can love scratches and their stories and let them stay in the furniture. Sometimes it is enough to change the new platforms to the chest of drawers or add modern pinni feet to the old bookplaces - a new interior style or room change does not have to be a costly investment. Whether your furniture was recovered, obtained or a fleet, you can with our directions to change the fleet look so little or as much as you want.

Nougat Chest of Drawers Market Series FRENCHIC PAINT FINLAND.

The pure wood surface can be beautiful with all the tones. If you want to leave it, you can handle wood surfaces and levels with furniture damage. They are found in different shades and you can easily get a new, modern look solely by waxing the furniture, either in whole or only. The FRENCHIC series of furniture waves are beeswax-based, soft and non-toxic natural breasts.

When your style changes, you can sell or give a fleet again to the next loving home - maybe there's a fleet expires again!

Welcome to a unique FRENCHIC group!

Our customers appreciate the toxicity of FRENCHIC products and ease of use. The FRENCHIC Paint series found handicrafts and homesAppreciate the recycling of furniture and self-mixing - we tried to provide high quality products for versatile. Tested and Certified FRENCHIC Series has been able to receive your prestigious awards on her new products and the quality easily assures both a professional that the homeland.

The series of own FB groups will be able to look at international and domestic homes and gardens - our FB group is a unique and active place where skilled and enthusiastic domains and professionals can introduce their own furniture, DIY-ideas and frenchric implementations!

Come to a group to watch what is now in the interior painting, what are the 'Color Block' or how you make fun and show the garden of the garden of the old bike rim! Do you have a friend who loves recycling, self-bleaching, interior or renovation? Tell him about FRENCHIC and invite him to the group please!

- Welcome aboard!

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