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Our old furniture and small toilet got a completely new and wonderful life during our Christmas holiday painting boom. The worn and faded paint surfaces were brushed with Frenchic's delicious pink Bon Bon and Sweet Cheek shades and the changes were pretty incredible!

Read on and take a look at the BEFORE and AFTER pictures: what do you think of the changes?

A new life for a 100-year-old chest of drawers with pink chalk paint

I think this old chest of drawers from my dear grandparents has a wonderful shape. We actually have two of these: the other green one is in the bedroom waiting for possibly the next painting boom 😉 This was in the worse condition of the two. The paint surface was cracked in many places and the white had grayed to a dirty shade throughout.

We washed the chest of drawers and applied three coats of Sweetcheeks from the Frenchic Chalk Wall Paint series . While I was painting, I remembered the experience of the autumn vacation about how pleasant and easy it is to paint with chalk paint. They cover the tone underneath very quickly and smooth out amazingly smooth even after more hasty brushstrokes.

You should read my blog article from last fall to find out more about the other advantages of chalk paint!

In addition, we tried Frenchic's novelty for finishing painted surfaces: Tuff Top Coat . This matt finishing coating gives a durable surface to precisely such surfaces that are used a lot (table surfaces, kitchen cabinets, garden furniture...). This coating leaves the surface of the furniture matte; actually the coating was practically not noticed at all after drying.

After a month and a half of using this crafting table diligently, we still don't notice any signs of wear on the surface, so it seems to be working well. Next time we could try the Finishing coat, which gives a shiny surface

The new Pink marshmallow shades of the chair and stool

This flea market chair has already traveled from our first Kallio home; that is, almost 15 years. I have always loved its beautiful shape and especially the details of the legs. The chair has served us both as a flower stand, as a side table and in its "real" purpose.

To this, my dimples and I applied two layers of Sweetcheeks . We also covered this with Tuff Top Coat, so it will withstand moving flower pots, for example, better in the future.

This stool is also a flea find from years ago. It is currently being used as a chair for my first child's school desk, and while painting his walls during the fall vacation, we agreed that the next vacation, that stool will get the color of the wall as well. With two layers of Frenchic Chalk Wall Paint's Bon Bon shade, this turned out to be real candy 😊

My firstborn painted his own stool all by himself: chalk paints are wonderfully easy and safe for children to use as well. Is it possible to do homework here without snacking on marshmallows at the same time...? 😉

Updating the children's bookshelf to match the colors of our home interior

We bought the green bookcase just a few years ago. As I recall, it was only priced at a few tens and was in excellent durable condition. I also liked the movable shelves at the flea market, and I thought that the shelf would certainly hold even the girls' biggest children's books.

However, the color of the shelf has been far too dark green for us. It has been mostly covered with a yellow tablecloth 😉 Now it was time for this too to get a new color that suits our interior better. We also chose Sweetcheeks for this, because the shelf is located in the immediate vicinity of the crafting table and thus the new furniture brings a uniform angle to the wall facing the balcony in our living room.

While painting this, I was surprised that three layers of light Sweetcheeks shade covered the dark green shade underneath really wonderfully; and no primers were needed. Easy and fast - really suitable painting for this kind of emergency pants 😊

The pink update of the small toilet

Our downstairs bathroom was recently painted before we moved into this house in 2017. It was stylish and modern, but terribly colorless. Now it was decided to apply a couple of layers to the white (and holey and blue-labeled...) upper part with a brush Bon Bon .

Thanks to a few hours of nice work and effort, this turned out to be a really delicious room in which to get ready in the morning. It feels a bit like waking up peacefully to a new day inside Moomin's pink clouds 😊

Now I'm happy about all our pink changes - our rooms and furniture - which I think go perfectly with yellow <3

Which painting object was your favorite and experienced the nicest change in your opinion? What color was the last time you painted there or what color do you dream of painting?

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Wishing you a happy continuation of February and hearts for the entire upcoming Valentine's Day week,


Psst! If you want, take a look at more of my colorful interior photos from my Instagram account @elluyellow <3

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