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Frenchic Paint® story

The Frenchic Paint® product line was born out of a passion for restoring old
furniture and a desire to promote recycling,
DIY and the DIY spirit.

Frenchic Paint® founder and owner Pam Gruhn's passion
for refurbishing old furniture inspires her efforts to create
sustainable, yet eco-friendly painting and decorating products
for crafters and home painters.

Future living will be increasingly ecological and interior design
should also be less environmentally damaging. Recycled interior design is
the choice. It is affordable and sensible, it is a small ecological act that saves
natural resources and steers our consumption habits in a more sustainable direction, away from
the disposable culture.
Frenchic paints are suitable for enthusiastic home painters, environmentally conscious professionals and colour lovers alike.

Experience the joy of making and revive your home to new splendour at the same time!

By the way, did you know that no other paint range has been awarded the prestigious
British, Queen's own "Queen's Award"?

Only a select few innovative, new and high quality brands like Frenchic Paint® can be awarded the label. It's fantastic and humbling to be in the same company as big names like Dyson, Jaguar and Land Rover!

Frenchic Paint® products are not found in the hardware
stores or supermarkets of the ring road, but in the brick-and-mortar stores and boutiques of small, family-owned
and sole proprietorships.
Frenchic Paint® is also the choice of the environmentally conscious entrepreneur. We
want to do our part to support small businesses and keep
brick-and-mortar stores vibrant.

So visit your local Frenchic dealer and take part in our courses. We encourage and help our team of entrepreneurs to develop and succeed along the way. We strongly believe in the power of working together.

Be inspired by our shades and experience the joy of making!

It's The Passion, It's The People, It's The Paint!

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