Experiences in painting kitchen cabinets

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Would I dare to paint the kitchen cabinets? Can cabinet doors be painted? How do I paint the kitchen cabinets?

Painting kitchen cabinets is more common than you think!

You can find the best examples and experiences of painting kitchen cabinets in Frenchic's FB group.

In our FB group you can see hundreds of before and after pictures of different kitchens. The group will surely find a kitchen similar to yours!

You can choose a paint for the cabinets from three different Frenchic series:

Al Fresco , Lazy Range or Trim Paint .

Frenchic paints are durable in everyday life, blend beautifully and dry quickly.

Join the FB group here and follow Instagram .

You can read our customers' experiences with the Frenchic series here.

Instructions for painting kitchen cabinets.

Green kitchen painted Frenchic.

Image shade: Steaming Green, Al Fresco

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