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Test winner Frenchic

Nothing beats the flawless finish of a freshly painted wall.

However, over time, dents, stains and dirty handprints can take away the luster of your favorite shade. However, not if you use a washable paint like Frenchic.

Washable paint allows you to clean dirty marks or stains without washing off the paint itself. It's one of the many great features of Frenchic products. That's why we are happy that Good Housekeeping has rated our range of wall paints as the best paint.

Beautiful shades in Frenchic wall paints.

22 goal streaks in a tough test

There are many paint kits that claim to be washable or abrasive. Unfortunately, not all of them meet the requirements.

To find out for themselves and their readers, the Good Housekeeping Institute jury evaluated 22 washable paint brands and tested them based on five factors:

  • Applicability
  • Composition
  • Coverage
  • Washability
  • Resistance

After application and drying, the paint surfaces were tested; they were scratched and very hard-to-clean stains like mud and red wine were applied to the paint surfaces. When these stains were cleaned off, the jury noted whether the scrubbing and wiping affected the color of the paint surface - and how well the stain was removed.

The jury also checked how well the paints corresponded to their color cards and labels, the test included several shades from each paint brand.

The best of the test: Frenchic!

After testing all paint brands and their different colors, the jury of the Good Housekeeping Institute gave a score out of 100 and awarded different prizes in different categories. The awards ranged from the best affordable paint and mid-priced paint to the best color selection.

We are delighted to say that our Chalk Wall Paint range won the award for best washable paint - as well as the award for best washable chalk paint .

Our score of 87/100 eclipsed Dulux, Farrow & Ball and many other competitors, Frenchic therefore receiving the highest possible recognition.

" If you're looking for classic chalk paint, look no further! ", the jury wrote in their reviews.
" The paint was easy to apply (both the brush and the roller gave an even surface), it only had a mild smell and the paint dried to a dust-free state within an hour ".
" The stains were easily wiped off the paint surface when they were handled quickly - in fact, even felt-tip pens didn't leave any marks. "

Even after 24 hours, the test succeeded in removing wine, tea and grease from paint surfaces.

The jury commented: "We are impressed by the abrasion resistance of Frenchic paints, because after cleaning, no marks were left on the surface ."

Test it yourself and be impressed!

Frenchic's wall paint is Good Housekeeping's number one choice for a reason.

Our revolutionary wall paint has achieved an ISO11998 class 1 wet rub rating for washability.

This is combined with an ultra-matte, ultra-matte finish, impressive durability and stunning colors.

If you're looking for a wall paint that's really washable, try the Frenchic range for yourself - you won't be disappointed! We can also proudly add that there is no wall paint of the same quality or ultra-matte surface as the Frenchic series in Finland.

Click here directly to the shades and start designing!

Test winner, the best wall paint Frenchic.

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