How to choose the right colors?

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How to choose a functional color palette for your home, where can you start?

Start by looking at the direction from which the light comes into your home in general, then into specific rooms. Presumably, the light is different in your bedroom than it is in your kitchen.

Colors reflect different emotions in different lighting.

Northern light is cool and bluish, warm tones are suitable for such a room.

If you want your home to look like it was designed by a designer; Use a strictly limited color palette - try using only a few colors together. Once you have mastered your main color, you can add and subtract colors according to your mood and the seasons.

The power of the colors comes to the fore when there are only a few shades in the room. Try combining pink , gold and white. Green , beige and copper. Blue, gray and white .

In addition to colors, bring an interesting material or texture to the space and repeat your choice in other spaces to create a finished and unified atmosphere.

Boards and green interior paints.

Same same but different!

You can use different shades of the same color; two dark and one light blue. One dark and two light green. Choose two or three of the same color, different shades: the end result is a uniform, but interesting and characterful space.

You can also refresh your palette with contrasting colors and practice it first with small details, such as pillows, dishes, rugs, etc. You will surely find your own style and remember that the home should change over time - it is perfectly permissible to change the color scheme if you feel like it!

What colors speak to you today?

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