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Blog guest is Anne Karilahti, from Valmentamo.

Read here how to choose the color of the year for yourself with Anne's instructions:

"We sat down with my friends this week and talked
from the coming year. Instead of thinking about goals and
promises for a traditional model, we brought out the color palette.

We are thinking about what color we want for the coming year.

Once the color was chosen, it was time for concrete. We thought that what
the color we choose in life means. One wanted gold and
focus on helping. Another wanted lila and a sense of control.
Third blue and with it more sport.

I excitedly chose three colors myself; pink, yellow and

To me, pink symbolizes romantic love and
feminine energy. I went to put the wonderful ones today
Pink nails! Yellow means joy to me, i.e. friends
and frolicking in the city.

Today we will raise a toast with friends in Spain. To me, green means well-being and learning new things. I have signed up for voice bowl training, which starts in January."

Choose your own color for the coming year:


Close your eyes for a moment and silently ask in your mind what color
I miss next year.


Think about what feeling that color symbolizes in your life.


Choose something concrete that you want in your life next year.

P.S. Do the exercise again and ask yourself what your success color is
for the year 2024.

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Anne Karilahti
is the founder, CEO and creative visionary of Valmentamo. His passion for the human mind and spiritual growth led him to study to become a coach. Anne previously worked in sales and marketing. After Mammaloma, returning to the squirrel bike didn't appeal, so I had to start a company. Coaching was born.
Anne is at his best when using his creativity and developing new things. He also loves to train, likes to sell, is inspired by marketing, spars with trainers and is responsible for running the Training Center.
Anne has written three non-fiction books and more are on the way. Anne also paints pictures and loves flea market finds.
Anne is an MB life skills coach, NLP Practitioner and developer of the LCF Life Coach® training. He has also completed Brain Skills training.
Anne is strongly a 'self-made woman' who has developed herself in the field of mental well-being by reading books and participating in various courses for 30 years.
Anne dares to question old, familiar operating models and boldly develops new coaching concepts suitable for the moment.
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