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6 color trends - and a bonus - that you will love in 2024

Which interior color trends will emerge and shine in our homes in 2024?

At Frenchic, we predict that you will see a variety of enchanting shades that promise to transform our homes into comfortable and personal havens.

Did you know that we introduce new seasonal shades every year and that our award-winning collection is actively renewed.

This year we will especially see an increasing use of the color brown, both in wall paints and in furniture and in the neutral color palette of kitchen cabinets.

In addition, we are more and more drawn to subdued colors, such as the calmness of restrained gray tones, the timeless appeal of familiar blues, the calmness of soft pastels, and the energy of bold, vibrant hues. All smoky shades are now a new favorite.

Cold whites, especially so-called painter's whites, give way to soft cream and light beige shades.

Get to know these trends with us, which reflect our unique taste and our efforts to offer you a wonderful world of shades.

Welcome to the colorful journey of 2024, where every shade beautifully highlights our home and tells its own story.

1. The renaissance of brown

Brown colors play an important role in interior design and symbolize warmth and sophistication. Ranging from rich espresso tones like Liquorish to soft earth tones like Swayed , Pampas and Moleskin , these shades create an inviting atmosphere in living spaces and add style to dining spaces and home offices, for example.

The versatility of the brown color is its main advantage this year. It goes well with many different colors, so it is perfect for both cozy spaces and stylish interiors. As we look for colors that turn our homes into personal havens, the comforting and luxurious nature of brown makes it an essential part of this year's color palette. We especially highlight the Dagerous Dave and Donkey Derby shades, which include chocolate brown and light latte.

2. Muted, muted tones with gray, even smoky tones

The megatrend is starting to move towards restrained, smoky and gray interior colors that offer a balance between subtlety and depth.

Shades such as the heather-infused Velvet Crush and versatile teal shades Calming Carol , Jitterbug and Scotch Mis t lead this trend, offering a calm yet imposing presence in any space.

These shades are perfect for creating a relaxed environment with a contemporary twist. For example, look at the gorgeous smoky green; Steaming Green shade. They are perfect for spaces that require tranquility, such as kitchens, bedrooms and offices, and they add sophistication to living spaces. Thanks to their versatility, they blend seamlessly into many interior styles and textures, and they are suitable for individual interior design.

2024's subdued colors with hints of gray are a lifestyle choice for spaces that are both serene and elegant, embodying a calm yet modern aesthetic.

3. Familiar blues with a twist - blue tones are coming again!

We are witnessing a new rise of familiar blues tones, but now with a fascinating twist. Shades like the black-skinned Smooth Operator and sky blue Ol' Blue Eyes , characterized by their smoky or gray undertones, make a significant impact.

The gray-blue Seagull and Gentlemen's Club shades bring a new perspective to traditional blue that adds depth and sophistication.

These blues are incredibly versatile and can easily be paired with both warm and cool tones, making them a favorite among designers and homeowners alike.

They create harmony - they are perfect for creating peaceful bedrooms, soothing living spaces or even inspiring office environments.

4. Pastel colors and soft tones: subtle elegance

This year, there's a lovely selection of pastels and soft shades, such as the soft Italian pink of Sweetcheeks and the subdued Pink tones of Dusky Blush and Rosy Dusk .

These stunning shades bring a touch of calm and sophistication to interiors and are perfect for creating peaceful environments in bedrooms, children's rooms or relaxation areas.

Their restrained tones fit seamlessly into various interior styles, and they bring calmness and understated elegance to spaces.

Ideal for combining with natural materials, these pastel colors will enhance the aesthetics of any room by offering a timeless charm.

5. Energy and style with bold colors

The vitality of bold colors is this year's central theme.

Shades like electric blue Kiss Me Sloely , fresh turquoise Santorini , raspberry red Raspberry Punch , heather-hued Velvet Crush and delicious pink Macaroon , are perfect for bringing a burst of dynamic energy to any room.

The warm honey-yellow Honeycombe is the perfect interior shade, whether you want to paint a ceiling, wooden floor, walls or panels.

These colors are ideal when you want to create statement pieces or accent walls that fascinate and energize.

Reds, greens and turquoises bring a lively but sophisticated atmosphere, so they are suitable for spaces where creativity and vitality are desired, such as living rooms, home offices or entertainment spaces.

Their bold nature makes them stand out, but they can be balanced with neutral tones to create a harmonious overall design.

6. Versatility of greens

The color green in all its shades is still a popular choice, with a wide range of shades that range wonderfully from near-neutral, earthy tones like Olivia to deeper, smoky tones like Steaming Green .

These greens are praised for their ability to bring natural tones into interiors and create a calming and refreshing atmosphere.

Pastel water green Breezing or spring green Green With Envy are a fresh background for any interior and they combine beautifully with a wide variety of traditional wallpaper patterns.

A darker shade of earthy green similar to Constance Moss , is perfect for spaces where you want to create a connection with nature and a feeling of being grounded.

These shades are great for living rooms, bedrooms and even kitchens as they offer a refreshing yet comforting atmosphere. Green is well suited to both retro and modern interior design.

On the other hand, smoky green shades like Steaming Green or the almost black Black Forest are more dramatic and sophisticated, and are suitable for spaces that need depth and character.

As a bonus, the mega-trendy cream tones and light beiges

White will be allowed to recede together with gray in 2024 decorator's color palette - soft off-whites are coming!

Instead of painter's white, use soft off-white and cream tones such as Yorkshire Rose and Parshment . Light beiges such as Pampas, linen shades Bunnikins and Stone in Love are sure color choices for a timeless interior.

However, if you are a fan of gray shades, feel free to try these Frenchic wall paint shades in your next painting project: pearl gray Cloud 9 and Moon Whispers . The slightly greenish, hazy gray Shush is a really great background shade.

Here you can conveniently view all Frenchic shades.

Use the 2024 color palette in your home!

As we embrace the versatile and sophisticated color palette of 2024, it's clear that every shade has been chosen to transform our home into a personal haven.

Each shade plays a central role in creating refreshing spaces, from the warmth of brown and the depth of restrained colors in shades of gray to the calmness of familiar blue and the serenity of soft pastel colors.

This year's palette is about more than just aesthetics. It's about creating environments that reflect our individuality and offer comfort and peace.

Join the trend and share your colorful spaces

Dive into the color trends of 2024 and share your journey with us! Which trend matches your style - comforting browns, restrained colors, serene blues, soft pastels, bold shades or natural greens?

You can post pictures of your DIY projects on social media (tag us!) or join the Frenchic Finland Facebook group.

This active community features a supportive community of dedicated Frenchic enthusiasts to provide inspiration, guidance and an audience for your proudest painting projects!

Let's inspire each other as we move our home in 2024!

This bold color trend appeals to those who love to express their personality with their decor, and offers a way to make a confident and stylish statement in their homes, Frenchic style.

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