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The Frenchic Paint Finland group is

dedicated only to the Frenchic series ,
domestic interior painting FB group.
Come along and you'll get to see the latest international interior design trends and fads from the booth - you'll get a peek
for international and domestic homes and gardens -
and you can watch DIY videos as well as Painting instructions & tips.
You can post your own Frenchic project photos and questions -
in the group, Frenchic dealers and other members will answer your questions.
You can see how the world paints with the Frenchic series - you will find wonderful project photo series in the group - customers' own, authentic transformation photos.
In the Frenchic Paint Finland group, you will be the first to hear
of the series' new products and you get to participate in Frenchic competitions!
Help our group grow and invite to the group
everyone loves colors
build, renovate, decorate, paint and tune
your handy and clever friends
- tell them about us too! Click here and join!
. .

Welcome aboard!

It's The Passion, It's The People, It's The Paint!

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