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Kirsin Frenchic projects part 2 - Trim Paint paint nobility

I'm Kirsi, a passionate tuner and vintage enthusiast. My paid work is in the interior design and furniture industry, and my free time is pretty much the same. One of my Insta friends even calls me the "project queen" .

I wouldn't know how to live without these DIY things, they are also therapy for me, when I relax and disconnect from everything else around me. When you always have "a hundred irons in the fire" and a couple of new projects in mind, time really never gets boring.

I have promised to present you some finished projects that I have realized with Frenchic Paint products. Hopefully these will also inspire you to grab a paintbrush and bravely try something completely new!​​...

Frenchic Paint – Trim Paint trim and door paint is the nobility of paints

If one furniture paint had to be lifted above the others, in my case it would definitely be Trim Paint from the Frenchic Paint series.

I have never met a paint that spreads so easily and smoothly. And what's best, the dried paint surface becomes velvety soft, and there is no need to apply a separate layer of wax or any other surface protection.​

The first project I realized with Trim Paint was a three-door display cabinet in the dining room

The cupboard is initially white and I thought for a long time about what color to paint it. Since old-time green can already be found in my home and I really like that color, I ended up with green this time as well.

The nobility of paints Instructions for painting the cupboard.

However, I didn't want to choose the exact same color called Green with Envy, which is on the kitchen wall, so I ended up with a similar but slightly fresher shade Bradstock.

Whereas Green with Envy turns a little grey, Bradstock is more springy and green in tone. And how brilliantly these two greens play together!​

How did I paint a cupboard with many glass panes and decorative trim on the closed doors ?

A well-done groundwork really affects the end result. That's why you shouldn't compromise on washing and sanding the old surface. I first washed the surfaces with Frenchic detergent and finally wiped them with a clean damp cleaning cloth.

A more patient person would have taped each glass pane with painter's tape, but I ended up scraping the dried paint off the glass with a window scraper. It's rare to get masking tape to sit so well that after removing it, you still have to patch some places.

I removed the handles before painting, but wrapped tape around the hinges. I painted three thin layers of paint and in between I let it dry for the time according to the instructions. Decorative cuts, grooves and other small details can best be brought out with thin layers of paint.

Painting the customer cabinet green with paint from the Trim paint series.

I left the inside of the tableware white, so it creates a fun contrast with the green color of the outer shell .

A new look for bookcases with Frenchic Paint Trim Paint

There is quite a lot of green in the interior of our home in different shades, so I wanted something different for the study upstairs.

In the past, I have already done a small surface renovation in the study, where I removed the old light wallpaper and painted part of the walls ocher yellow, and covered the rest with wallpaper of the same shade .

The old showcases with glass doors have been with us for almost twenty years and the surface color is the original white gloss painting.

The points of the branches were visible as yellowish spots through the white paint, so it was time to update these pieces of furniture to match today and the rest of the home's color scheme. Since the material of the bookcases is pine, reprocessing is more than easy .

I agreed on cooperation with Frenchic for this project and within a few days a decent project package arrived for pick up at Matkahuolto. I was able to choose the paint and color for this project myself and of course I immediately ended up with my favorite, i.e. Trim Paint.

Yellow showcase HOneycombe.

Since the room was already ocher-yellow, I chose Honeycombe for the bookcases

Yellow showcase Honeycombe Frenchic Finland.

I have never come across such a perfect ocher yellow anywhere. In the twilight, the color is closer to mustard, and in fresh sunlight, that shade is like gold.

I also prepared carefully for this project; first, washing the cabinets with Sugar Soap and light sanding, especially in the areas where the old coating had already peeled off

Pullers out and a new Frenchic brush to swing. In this project, I didn't waste time on taping the glasses either, but I painted quite a bit on the glass and scraped the paint off after it dried with a glass scraper .

Bookcases with a new coat of paint in front of the yellow wallpaper now look suitable for the interior and the sun is always shining in my office, even on cloudy days .

You can also paint small projects with Frenchic Paint - Trim Paint

I received a shipment of mystery paint from Frenchic Paint , i.e. a package whose paint color I knew nothing about in advance. The excitement was quite high when I opened the cardboard box with trembling hands when it arrived.

I had already thought of a few different objects to try this mysterious color on, depending on what would be revealed from the package. There was great relief and joy when a green-tinged, turquoise/petrol-tinged color called Calming Carol was revealed from the jar. This color also calmed my own nerves and I immediately became you with the color.

In order for the gorgeous color to stand out, I chose two smaller pieces of furniture for this project. The other was an old stool that I bought at a flea market a few years ago and painted it once with lime paint. Since the stool has served as a flower table, the old lime paint had already suffered from getting wet and thus justified its place in this project.

As the second object, I chose a small chest of drawers with four black rattan boxes. Here, the paint surface was the original white and also having seen its best days.

Both pieces of furniture should be properly washed with Frenchic - Sugar Soap and lightly sanded before the first coat of paint. After the second coat of paint, the incredible intensity of that color began to show, and after the third coat, the surface was even and had a wonderful color.

Both pieces of furniture are now in my yellow study and work well together as a matching pair of the honey color. Almost a full can of paint was left behind by these two pieces of furniture, so now I can think about the next project in peace, for which the peaceful Calming Carol would be perfect.

I hope these tips inspire you to pick up a paintbrush and try something completely new!

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