Does the paint paint paint paint, corner cabinet, vitrine or any other furniture?

The corner cabinet or glass rod is a good lime painting project

Wooden angular cabinets are a bit of them in the home wall - sturdy and full wood - sustainable furniture - but a little colorless, however, for today's interior. Try to paint a bored scrape of your home as a goodwill colorful and pride story! You can try to try different painting techniques and you can finalize the cabinet as personal wallpaper, sabloon patterns, metallic disks, with different tassels and other decorations or even lights!

Dusky blush

First prepare a cabinet for painting and wash it with Sugar Soap or similar furniture detergent. You will find how pinched dirt and fat leaves from the purely spectacular surface. Wipe the detergent residues with a clean rag off and view the surface. Want to palate scratches and holes, or do you allow them to underline the age and history of the furniture? The rough surface lightly on the grinding pad and wipe the grinding dust away. Remove the shelves, knobs and tapes any edges of the glass. Paint the first, slim layer with a waxed lime paint for furniture painting.

Steel Teal, FRENCHIC Paint

The first layer is not supposed to be covered with -whee thin. Is your cabinet dark brown and now you want to paint it with white or light tones? When the tone difference is high between the bottom and the selected tone, the paint layers may need several.

Here's a good tip that saves time and paint: paint the first floor with a gray paint - it folds a dark shade and gets less white floors. You can choose a gray tone for example Original set: Lady Gray or Gray Pebble. Mixed the paint carefully? Allow the paint layer to dry according to the instructions, at least two hours before the next. The amount of paint layers depends on the selected painting technique and the bottom color of the painting furniture. For a flat, smooth surface you need at least two floors.


Capital on the back plate of the cabinet with a colorful wallpaper or thin fabric at Finishing Coat and underline the beautiful details, decorations, water or legs with Frenshel's metal pigmental tones. Finishing Coat dries bright and its spreading sponge is convenient. You can spread it over the thin layer on top of the wall, it protects the paper surface. Maybe you want to try a colored wax on top of the wallpaper? Brown wax makes the surface of old and patinized looking.

Remove the tapes immediately after painting, then the limits remain sharp. At this point, it is good to go through any places requiring repair painting - view the furniture from anywhere, think about how to place the furniture - whether the background or the main part of it? Make the necessary repair paintings. If you want to make a Shabby chic-style surface, grind the lime paint lightly open from the edges and angles. Finally, wax furniture. More cabinet with radiator LED lights and beautiful tassels or other decorative hanging on the key!

Remember to take before and after the photos! You can share them in the FRENCHIC series in your FB group. Join this one according to you!

So what do you need?

  • Detergent, eg Sugar Soap and a rough sponge.
  • Surface for rouging grinding or abrasive paper
  • To the bottom of the gray lime paint if you paint dark pale, eg Gray Pebble
  • With a limestone for a high quality furniture painting, for example, Lazy Range or Al Fresco series
  • Finishing Coat'n if you attach wallpaper or fabric to the furniture inside the box or into the back wall of the furniture.
  • Kitchenware or frenchic's own hearts To the distribution of Finishing Coat
  • Frenshee's metal plateif you paint the caster with your golden legs
  • A piece of wall to attach it to the back wall of the furniture or in the insole of the boxes
  • Waxif the hike lime paint is open and you make consumptions.
  • A high-quality brush, for example M-sized oval brush
  • Battery-powered lights and decorative key
  • Protective paper under the furniture for floor protection
  • Tap on high-quality borders to limit glasses and edges
  • Screwdriver if you disconnect the knobs, watercles, etc.
  • Protective gloves (and glasses), painting clothes
  • Paint mixer
  • Pure water for washing and wiping


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