Do you want to become a Frenchic reseller?

Hello and thank you for your interest in Frenchic Furniture Paint® Resale!

Although Frenchic is only 7 years old, his growth has been absolutely phenomenal! Currently, we already have hundreds of dealers around the world, which means that Frenchic has conquered the chalk paint market quite quickly! It is loved by interior designers as well as environmentally conscious craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

You too can be part of the inspiring Frenchic family! Our goals are much more than a nice little addition to your business, they become an integral part of your company's turnover, they increase both customer visits and your company's visibility on active Frenchic social media channels.

Do you have a brick-and-mortar store in the city or a small summer shop in the countryside?

Whether you are a merchant who has just started or is already an established player in your area, you will benefit from Frenchic's strong media presence and continuous marketing of the brand.

Our innovative products are in good demand and we want you to really succeed with Frenchic!

Are you an entrepreneur, carpenter, painter, interior designer - a craftsman and would like to try out how Frenchic products fit into the products you manufacture and your customer projects. You don't have a store and you're not interested in reselling: the Frenchic test package, 'Sample Box' is just for you!

order Frenchic paint trial kit we are looking for dealers

Try it and fall in love - you will see why you should join the ranks of Frenchic dealers!

Apply for Frenchic series exclusive rights for your region here!

Best regards, Pam Gruhn
Founder and Owner of Frenchic Furniture Paint®

More information in Finland can be provided by the importer, send a message >

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